Red Palm Oil Recipes

Yum Red Palm Oil With Red Yams & Beans

Red Palm Oil is more than just your everyday vegetable oil. It is packed with nutrients that contribute to your daily energy needs. It has a unique and nutty flavor and a bit of smoky taste. It adds lots of flavor in savory foods. The pure red palm oil that comes from Africa, that you can buy here at juka's organic is also different from the regular palm oil sold from other countries. This particular red palm oil, deep red color has countless health benefits that provides a valuable source of beta carotene and vitamin E.

To Discover for yourself what sets natural organic palm oil apart from other vegetable oils, try these healthy and delicious red palm oil recipes.


As recommended by Dr. Oz, infused a minimum of 2 spoons of unrefined red organic palm oil in your daily food intake to get the maximum health benefits.


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