Social Impact

Our Mission

To Connect African Women Farmers to The Rest of The World with Their Sustainable Food And Beauty Commodities That Are Indigenous To The Land. And To Give These Women the Opportunity to Compete In Today’s Global Economy.

Juka & Kids in Africa

Our Vision

Our vision is to combine organic, natural food & beauty products from all over the continent of Africa, ethically harvested by women farmers from small villages to offer them to the West. This will help women farmers sustain their own income, to shelter and educated their children and help diminish hunger and poverty in Africa. And for the healthy conscious consumer to have an alternative way to a healthy living by introducing them to some of the most potent natural & unique products that Africa has to offer.


 Juka's Organic Co Social Impact


  • Juka’s Organic Partners & Empower Women in African Villages
  • Help Sustain Their Own Sauce of Income by Competing In Today’s Global Economy
  • Shelter Their Children & Help Educate Them
  • Diminish Poverty in The Rural Areas of Africa
  • Healthier American Consumers
  • A Better World

Juka's Organic Social Impact


      Environmentally Conscious

  • All Juka’s Products Are Source from Its Place of Origin, This Is to Ensure Sustainability & To Maintain the Quality of The Products Harvested By Our Women Partners
  • Juka’s Products Are All Ethically Harvested from Responsible Sound Sources.
  • Juka’s Organic Stands Against Deforestation & The Endangerment of Wildlife.

 Juka and women partner in villages


 Juka's Organic Co. Partners Red Palm Oil

Juka's Organic Co., has combine variety of innovative items (Organic Red Palm Oil, Shea butter, Baobab Fruit Powder, Red Palm Oil Soaps, Hair Products and lots more) from the historic past of Africa to tailor them to fit today's contemporary life while still maintaining the authenticity of these products. Our products are all made with sustainable ingredients, they are imported from small villages of Africa that are produced by small scale women farmers. Watch our company story on our homepage to learn more about us.