Our Organic Red Palm Oil is sustainable, authentic, and premium quality. We do not blend our red palm oil with other oils to maximize profit. We bring them all to you from West Africa at its purest and most natural formula. Our farmers in Africa use the oldest techniques that have been used for centuries to extract our All Natural, Unrefined, Organic Red Palm Oil.


Where to Buy Sustainable Red Palm Oil  


Juka's red palm oil is harvested every three months by small scale farmers in small villages of West Africa. You have seen in our videos that our oil is sustainable and organic. A question that is now arising is "Is our oil RSPO certified?". Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil or RSPO is a certification, put together by some plantation companies, manufacturers, environmental NGOs, and social NGOs that produce or use palm oil. According to the body, "RSPO certification assessments need to be initiated by palm oil producers, by contacting one of the approved Certification Bodies. The cost of audits will be borne by the producer who seeks RSPO certification".


While this is a great initiative for the palm oil producers in Asia or South America to assure sustainability, the small-scale farmers in African villages are merely left out. They simply do not have access to these RSPO certification bodies, just as they do not have access to the organic certification agencies. The closest organic certification agents to Africa are in Europe and it will cost the small-scale farmers thousands of dollars to be able to get this "RSPO certificate" and the "organic seal".  Is this a fair deal for the small-scale farmers in African villages? Absolutely not, because red palm oil's region of origin is West Africa. Red palm oil is simply part of Africa's heritage and culture more than any other part of  the world.

 Red Palm Oil Sustainability

The small-scale farmer in Africa also doesn't have the funding to use fertilizers and pesticides to harvest red palm fruits as in other parts of the world. The last factor that contributes to the sustainability question would be, do we harm the wildlife such as the orangutans during red palm oil harvesting? The answer to that is very simple, there are no orangutans in West Africa, most orangutans live in Asia but not Africa. Most African farmers produce the most authentic and pure red palm fruits by waiting for mother nature to harvest their palm fruits every three months. There are many simple ways to  determine if the red palm oil you are consuming is sustainable, organic, extra virgin or even pure and authentic without a phrase or a stamp of approval from agencies (please watch some of our videos below). We have seen red palm oil in the market that have all the different seals such as certified organic, RSPO and yet they do not fulfill our expectations in terms of quality. Are those red palm oil brands sustainable even with the RPO Certification? we cannot answer that. Is Juka's sustainable? Yes, Juka's Is 100% sustainable.    

 Sustainable Red Palm Oil

Juka’s Organic Co. is a family own Business from Africa. We are proud to say all our products (including our red palm fruits) are carefully hand selected by small scale farmers to sustain the authenticity and the quality of the products we import to the U.S to provide to our customers. Quality is our priority, and we certainly hope it is yours too! Africa's Purest to Your Doorstep! 

Unrefined Organic Red Palm Oil offers a potent antioxidant rich in phytonutrients, it has a long history of use as a healing food among ancient civilizations particularly, in west Africa. “The main phytonutrients found in Natural Organic Red Palm Oil are tocotrienols (known as super vitamin E, it’s 40-60 times more potent than tocopherols), mixed carotenes (antioxidant and pro-vitamin A), phytosterols, plant squalene and Co-enzyme Q10,” explains nutritional expert Bryan See, there is no other edible oil that matches or has such unique combination of powerful phytonutrients. Growing up in Africa, extra virgin red palm oil was part of our culture, not only did I see my grandmother cooked with this great oil, but she also used it as a healing medicine. Women in the rural areas, often used extra virgin red palm oil on their skin to heal rashes, boils and many more skin problems. Red palm oil was also used in Africa for hair, my mother explained, they would often cook it until the redness of the oil was significantly reduced, so it wouldn't stain their clothes. The villagers or farmers that extracted the oil from the fruit also used the residue of the palm fruit to make soaps to use on their skin and for hair. To sum it up, extra virgin red palm oil is to Africans as olive oil is to Italians. 



Environmentally Conscious

  • All Juka’s Products Are Source From Its Place Of Origin,This Is To Ensure Sustainability & To Maintain The Quality Of The Products Harvested By Our Women Partners

  • Juka’s Products Are All Ethically Harvested From Responsible Sound Sources.

  • Juka’s Organic Stands Against Deforestation & The Endangerment Of Wildlife.