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African Liquid Black Soap 16oz

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You finally have the pleasure to get your hands on pure African Liquid Black Soap from the Motherland. This is not the imitated kind like most people are making in the West to sell as black soap. So if you buy our black soaps DO NOT EXPECT a BLAND smelling black soap like whats in the market because REAL & Authentic Black Soap has a unique smell. This black soap is the original black soap. It is made in Africa by our women partners from small villages. For hundreds of years, women of West Africa have found a natural way to make the residue of tropical plants into their own soaps now known as Black Soap.Whether you have dry skin, oily skin, or a combination of the two, African black soap works wonders for every skin type. Our blacks soaps have a very nice earthy scent and are made with the core ingredients of traditionally native plants of red palm oil and shea butter. Red palm oil is filled with natural vitamin E, alpha and beta carotene and other antioxidants, as well as essential fatty acids. Shea butter, is also a very potent nut that is used as the base ingredients to make this black soap so magical for radiant, acne free and youthful skin. Also there is a history in black soap, Mom told that our ancestors truly believed that by using black soap, they were often protected from evil eyes or black magic, she still wasn’t able to significantly convinced us with this story. But one thing she didn’t need to do, was proof to us how amazing it is for skin especially for acne and blackheads.

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