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We offer premium quality products imported from Africa to satisfy the needs of your customers. Juka's Organic products are all sustainable, authentic and we take pride in maintaining the quality of our products. We offer great red palm oil, organic soaps, shea butter, baobab fruit powder and  we have much more coming soon!

We have a very high online presence, we do not only offer our products, we also share our knowledge to educate the public about the products they are getting. When customers know what they are getting, they are empowered and will continue to come back for our authentic premium quality products. 


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We are excited to also announce our shea butter that is now available for wholesale and bulk orders online. You can buy our packed shea butter online today to be able to resell it in your natural food store markets or online stores. The shea butter we offer is 100% natural, pure, and authentic. We do not mix our shea butter with other ingredients; it is simply the best brought to you from the heart of Africa.


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You can now buy the best red palm oil bulk or wholesale online from Juka’s Organic Co., today, you can resell the red palm oil wholesale in your natural food markets or online stores. We also sell to companies that want to buy red palm oil in bulk to make use it as an ingredient with their production needs.

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At Juka’s Organic you can now buy coconut oil wholesale or in bulk, sold in glass jars in pack of 12. Juka's Organic Co. has partnered up with small scale women farmers from small villages of West Africa to supply their hand selected, virgin, unprocessed, organic palm fruit (Coconut & Red Palm) oils. All the women that work with Juka's use the traditional method of coconut oil extraction, cold pressed which is the method that has been used throughout African villages for centuries. The continent of Africa has a lot of sustainable natural food products to offer to the world. Palm trees are part of these villages and have been for centuries; each generation of women produce their palm fruit oil as their main source of income and proudly pass it on to the next.  Juka’s cold pressed coconut, from the palm family is one of the most known nutrient dense cooking oil around the world. When you want to buy cold pressed coconut oil online, try Juka’s Organic because as with any natural food product you turn to for its healing properties, one MUST make sure it is authentic. If a product isn’t 100% natural, you will NOT enjoy the health benefits it offers. Click here to buy Juka’s cold pressed Coconut oil to discover for yourself what sets it apart from other coconut oils in the market.

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If you need real, authentic, ivory organic shea butter in bulk or wholesale from Juka’s Organic today . We do not sell refined shea butter or one that is mix with other ingredients, our shea butter is 100% natural. Juka's Organic's shea butter is brought to you at its purest form in and made available for you to buy in a case of 12 for wholesale. You can also order the shea butter in bulk to use for your hair or skin care products. Buy Juka’s ivory shea butter because It is full of nutrients, including vitamin A, which has many healing properties and has been known to aid in treating blemishes, wrinkles, eczema and dermatitis, burns and even stretch marks. Shea butter is also packed with antioxidants like vitamin E, polyphenols phytonutrients. These ingredients make shea butter an anti-inflammatory, which is why it works so well at moisturizing and soothing all types of skin. Juka’s Organic Co., has partnered up with women from small villages of Africa to get the best quality shea butter derived from the seed of the Shea tree. The cream is extracted and prepared without the use of chemicals, it is prepared by cold press methods without the use of added chemicals or preservative. In addition, our shea butter is raw which maintains its therapeutic qualities and will keep your skin moist and supple, whereas refined, processed shea butter loses almost all its healing properties. Try the best shea butter today and buy Juka’s online today and experience the exceptional premium quality that our women partners have manufactured just for you.

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