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    High in phenolic antioxidant filled with beneficial fatty acids. Juka's extra virgin olive oil contains a potent amount of vitamins E and K., it is also loaded with powerful antioxidants that helps fight free radicals. This is all accredited with the many properties that cold processed, organic olive oil naturally contains.

    This is not your ordinary Olive Oil, Juka’s Organic extra virgin olive oil is 100% pure, clean and It is obtained from Its Indigenous land in North Africa. No added additives, flavorings, processing or GMO; this is simply the purest olive oil; Just nature’s gift to us.

    Unlike regular olive oil, Juka’s is made in small quantities, hand selected to maintain the perfect texture, the decadent flavors, unique aroma, and potent nutrients the oil has to offer.


    • This Is Not Your Ordinary Olive Oil, Juka’s Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Is 100% Pure, Clean and It’s Obtained from Its Indigenous Land in North Africa. No Added Additives, Flavorings, Processing Or GMO; This Is Simply the Purest Olive Oil; Just Nature’s Gift to Us
    • Unlike Regular Olive Oil, Juka’s Is Made in Small Quantities, Hand Selected to Maintain the Perfect Texture, The Decadent Flavors, Unique Aroma, and Potent Nutrients The Oil Has to Offer
    • Low-Acidity Olive Oil Is Naturally High in Polyphenols, Packed with Vitamins and Essential Fatty Acids. Best for Dipping, Drizzling, or Coating, Cooking or Add on Oil as A Salad Dressing, Marinating Meat and Fish to Enrich Flavors and Promote a Healthier You
    • Potent Antioxidant Properties of Polyphenol. Juka’s Gourmet Olive Oil Helps Fight Free-Radicals That Causes Cellular Damage. Pure Olive Oil, Like All Our Other Cooking Oils Have Many Health Benefits and Helps Reduce the Risk of Common Chronic Diseases.
    • Packed In Eco Friendly Glass Bottles, Sustainably Harvested, Proudly Carbon-Negative. Real Food That Is Safe for You & The Environment; It Is Meant to Give Your Body the Nutrition It Needs.


    Why Should I Add Organic Olive Oil to My Daily Diet & What Are the Health Benefits?

    Olive Oil Is Loved & Used Around the World Daily for All Its Natural Goodness

    Low-Acidity Olive Oil Is Naturally High in Polyphenols, Packed with Vitamins and Essential Fatty Acids. Organic olive oil has the unique ability to help fight off many degenerative diseases because of its combine polyphenol properties. Olive oil also has a high amount of monounsaturated fatty acids. This is one of many reasons why lots of research has shown olive oil to have a link with cholesterol levels to better mood to stronger bones. Extra virgin olive oil has been proven to trigger changes in gut health that are associated with prevention gut diseases. In additional to all these essential nutrients, extra virgin oil is also accredited with high amounts of vitamin E which provides us with much more benefits.


    Learn Some of The Health Benefits Cold Pressed, Extra Virgin & Organic Olive Oil Offers.

    Organic, extra virgin olive oil helps fight free radicals that causes cellular damage. Juka’s Organic cold pressed olive oil, like all our other cooking oils have many health benefits and helps reduce the risk of common chronic diseases. Potent antioxidant properties of polyphenol have been known to be one of the most effective ways to fight the inflammation present in the body. Also, most illnesses have been believed to come from the amount of inflammation that is present in the body. The polyphenol that is present in olive oil has demonstrated in several research the ability to combat inflammation. Many experts believe the regular intake of this great ancient oil can help reduce the risk of inflammatory diseases. Extra virgin olive oil’s polyphenol also helps with brain function. There are many more reasons why extra virgin olive oil is one of the most popular oils around the world.

    Some Our Favorite Ways to Add This Great, Extra Virgin Olive Oil to Our Daily Diets

    At Juka’s we believe in keeping a healthy lifestyle and it should not be looked at as a diet. The best way to sustain a healthy lifestyle is find easy and delicious ways to add your healthy products to your daily food intake. Best for dipping, drizzling, or coating, cooking or add on oil as a salad dressing. You can also make a flavorful deep with Juka’s Organic cold pressed, decadent olive oil as a dip. marinating meat and fish to enrich flavors and promote a healthier you.

    Why Is Juka's Organic Co., A Well Loved & Trusted Brand for Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Other Natural Food & Beauty Products from Africa?

    We Are Excited to Share Our Moringa Powder Reviews from Real Customers

    Trusted brand since 2013, Juka’s Organic Co., is committed to bringing you extra virgin, cold pressed olive oil to you just as we have it in the villages in Africa. Our Olive oil is unrefined, unprocessed and 100% natural. All our women partners in Africa use the traditional methods, cold pressed to derive our oil. Juka’s extra virgin olive oil is fresh and unprocessed as many ordinary olive oils are in the market. To maximize freshness, our extra virgin olive oil is made via cold press. No heat is used in Juka’s Organic extra virgin olive oil production. Avoiding high heat is one of the best ways to preserve the polyphenols and other antioxidants in any olive oil you buy.


    There Are Many Brands to Buy Olive Oil from But Why Juka's Organic Co?

    Juka’s Organic Co. is one of the leading suppliers of natural food and beauty products in the U.S.A. from the continent of Africa. With the partnership of women farmers in the villages, Juka’s has grown from working with just one village in the outskirts of Gambia to now partnering with many women farmers in over five countries in West Africa. Over the years, thousands of health-conscious consumers have turned to Juka’s Organic Co., for its sustainable, authentic & premium quality red palm oil. And now a lot of customers trust Juka’s as the go to brand to acquire other natural & healthy products that provide essential nutrients and more

    We Bring You Pure, Authentic & Organic, Cold Pressed, Extra Virgin Olive Oil from North Africa, 100% Unrefined, GMO Free & Unprocessed.

    Juka’s Organic cold pressed olive is the real deal. It is fresh, extra virgin, organic and brought to you at its purest. All our products are NON-GMO, authentic, 100% gluten free, dairy & with zero additives. Juka’s Organic cold pressed olive oil is consistent in quality; you always know what you are buying with us. Our company takes great pride in offering you great quality and premium products


    Notes (The 25oz and 64oz bottles are sold in PET "1" plastic, the safest plastic for food products)

    Our Product Story

    Juka's Organic Co. partners up with small scale women farmers from North Africa to supply their  virgin, unprocessed, organic olive oil. All the women that work with Juka's use the traditional method of olive oil extraction, cold pressed which is the method that has been used throughout north Africa for centuries. The continent of Africa has a lot of sustainable natural food products to offer to the world. The olive oil from North Africa is very potent filled with all the goodness nature has to offer. All Juka’s Organic Co. are 100% sustainable, our partners stand against the destruction of rainforest & wildlife. "It is to our benefit as Africans to stand against deforestation because natural resources, wildlife and rainforest is what makes Africa unique and special ". Juka Ceesay



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