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By Juka's Organic Co. on 2019-11-29

Happy THANKSGIVING to all of you, particularly to our friends, family & amazing customers that have supported us over the years. We are truly Thankful to you all! 

We at Juka’s Organic Co., also would like to express our humble gratitude to our women partners in Africa. These hard working and dedicated women have been helping us produce our products since 2013. They continue to help us source for premium quality and sustainable products that are ethnically harvested in the villages of West Africa. When you buy JUKA’S Products you are feeding and changing the livelihoods of these women in...

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By Juka's Organic Co. on 2018-12-12

So honored to have the opportunity to be a speaker and partner with LA County’s DCFS-Resource Family Support & Permanency Division (RFSPD), for their appreciation event for all the wonderful foster mothers in Los Angeles County. We served our famous RED PALM OIL GOURMET SAUCE. And I also had the pleasure to speak about the importance of healthy eating. There are few lifestyles changes that we can all make to yield a healthier & happier life. S/O to all these wonderful women that blessed us with their presence but most importantly by being in the lives of these amazing children....

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By Juka's Organic Co. on 2018-08-01

Happy Wellness Wednesday. We often talk about the food we eat for our wellness. But we equally have to talk about our state of mind and the things that get us off balance and fiddle with our well being. When our mind is off balance it tampers with our happiness, our spiritual connection with the universe, our goals and even friends and family. Always take sometime to yourself, if needed to figure out what’s tipping your scale over and work on it. We can never achieve all around perfection in life but finding a way to balance our thoughts and...

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By Juka's Organic Co. on 2018-07-04

Happy 4th Of July Everyone! Always standby what you believe in. It might not be perfectly thought out initially but as you cultivate what you believe in, new ideas will emerge. Your believes become strengthened, you begin to win the hearts of those who doubted the “impossible” you will realize your believes can be the reality for you and many others. I salute the founding fathers of this great nation. Where the impossible is thought of and the possibilities of dreams are often given a chance and lived. Yes, they didn’t think through a lot of things perfectly but as...

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