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By Juka's Organic Co. on 2016-07-20

#RedPalmOil is rich in #carotenoids #vitaminA good source of #tocopherols natural #vitamin E, #antioxidant & #tocotrienols.We at Juka’s Organic Co. have joined hands with women from small villages of West Africa to solely supply their hand chosen, unrefined sustainable organic and natural red palm oil. All the women that work with Juka’s use the traditional method for red palm oil extraction, this is the same technique that has been utilized all through little West African villages for a considerable length of time. The best palm oil is the sustainable type that originates from the landmass of West Africa.Palm trees have...

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By Juka's Organic Co. on 2016-07-19

Who knew #redpalmoil can help remove or prevent under eyes #wrinkles and #darkcircles. This #healing #oil will leave you with less wrinkles and radiant #skin. Red palm oil has been used in Africa to treat many skin problems. Growing up in Africa, I often saw villagers use this oil to treat boils or even skin rashes and it always worked. This ancient cooking oil is very high in antioxidant, vitamin e and carotenoids, these components makes it remarkable and effective as a healing oil for the skin. Put a little bit of red palm oil in a separate container and...

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