By Juka's Organic Co. on 2016-07-19

Who knew #redpalmoil can help remove or prevent under eyes #wrinkles and #darkcircles. This #healing #oil will leave you with less wrinkles and radiant #skin. Red palm oil has been used in Africa to treat many skin problems. Growing up in Africa, I often saw villagers use this oil to treat boils or even skin rashes and it always worked. This ancient cooking oil is very high in antioxidant, vitamin e and carotenoids, these components makes it remarkable and effective as a healing oil for the skin. Put a little bit of red palm oil in a separate container and use a q-tip or a dropper to apply a drop of palm oil under the eyes before bed time, massage the oil with a little bit of water or at least on a damp face under your eyes. Use a dry napkin to wipe off any excess oil to prevent staining bed sheets and have a good night sleep.  On another note this oil could also be use as a facial scrub. Take 1 spoon of red palm oil, add 1 spoon of honey and ½ spoon of rice floor. Mix it all up in a container, wash you face and apply the mixture on your face while it is damp, massage on face and let it sit for 25 mins. Repeat this regiment at least one to two times per week for maximum results. Store the left over scrub mixture in your bathroom cabinet to be used multiple times. By the way winter is around the corner don’t forget to apply some of your red palm oil on lips before bedtime to avoid capped and dry lips, yes this oil is that good it could be use merely for all your facial problems. Remember to drink at least 8 to 9 cups of water per day (½ gallon), get a minimum of 8 hours of sleep, wake up with radiance skin, feel good and have a lovely day. We all use these beauty tips here at Juka’s and we are stunned with the results so we are delighted to share them with you. Keep your skin youthful and flawless and age gracefully.

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