Using Baobab Fruit Powder as Prebiotic

Baobab Fruit Powder 8oz

Fibre helps with digestion and keeps our gut healthy. Not only baobab is over 50% dietary fibre, but it also acts as a prebiotic, meaning it keeps the good bacteria in our gut happy. The fruit of the Baobab tree naturally dries on the branch and the contents of the fruit are crushed and sieved to derive the ever-healthy baobab fruit powder. You can use this superfood in a variety of ways to include it in your diet. You can add baobab fruit to yoghurt, smoothies, protein shake, breakfast cereal, oatmeal, sherbet, a cup of hot milk, juice, etc.

Baobab Fruit Powder as a Prebiotic

Prebiotics are a type of fibre that remains undigested as they pass through the body to reach the colon. They feed the good bacteria present in our gut, which helps in digestion, normalizes bowel movement, and improves gut health. Both soluble and insoluble fibre is important for our bodies. Baobab fruit powder contains 15-40g per 100g of soluble fibre and 5-20g per 100g of insoluble fibre, which is a great amount.

Difference Between Prebiotic and Probiotic:

Probiotics mean they contain live bacteria and prebiotics act as a fertilizer for the bacteria. If something has both prebiotics and probiotics, it is called a symbiotic. Taking prebiotics will replenish the number of good bacteria in our gut, which is especially beneficial when suffering from illnesses such as diarrhoea or vomiting or after taking antibiotics.

Baobab Fruit Powder and Fibre:

More than 50% of baobab fruit powder is fibre, which is more than prunes. The soluble fibre in baobab fruit powder helps slow down the release of sugar, which helps in reducing energy spikes. This is particularly beneficial for diabetics. Soluble fibre is also responsible to bind cholesterol and remove them from the body, reducing the risk of heart disease. It also absorbs water and keeps you full for a longer time without adding too many calories to your diet.

Benefits of Baobab Prebiotic Powder:

  • Immune System: As prebiotics maintains a good balance of good bacteria, it helps strengthen the immune system. Baobab fruit powder also contains high levels of vitamin C, which is known to boost the immune system.
  • Mental Health: High levels of bad bacteria can cause hormonal imbalances, which can give rise to depression and anxiety. Prebiotics such as baobab powder can help balance cortisol and hormone levels.
  • Inflammation: Inflammation is one of the major causes of cardiovascular diseases. Consuming fibre and prebiotics can maintain healthier cholesterol levels, reducing the risk of heart disease, obesity, and diabetes.

Buy the Best Quality Baobab Fruit Powder:

Juka’s Organic has women farmer partners in the villages of Africa who use traditional methods to derive the best quality baobab fruit powder. Our baobab powder is filled with antioxidants, vitamin C, iron, magnesium, and potassium. To buy, please follow this link:

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