Major Health Benefits of Buying Raw Cacao Powder

cacao powder

Raw cacao powder is considered a superfood and there are plenty of reasons why you should add it to your diet. Cacao powder has high quantities of vitamins, minerals, magnesium, zinc, iron, antioxidants, and many other beneficial compounds. The basic difference between cacao powder and cocoa powder is the way they are processed. Cocoa powder isn’t nearly as healthy as cacao powder as it is chemically processed, which causes the loss of many nutrients, flavonols, and antioxidants. While cacao powder is cold-pressed, retaining all the useful nutrients. Here are some benefits of consuming raw cacao powder:

  • Natural Remedy for Anxiety:

Raw cacao powder has many essential vitamins and minerals that help fight depression and reduce anxiety. When you buy cacao powder, you will get essential amino acids and tryptophan, which help in enhancing the feeling of relaxation while boosting your mood and improving your sleep. Our body covers the L-tryptophan present in cacao powder into the “happy chemical”, serotonin. When you consume raw cacao powder, you can naturally increase your brain’s serotonin levels, which results in improved mood and reduced anxiety.

  • Great Skin Health Benefits:

When you eat raw cacao powder or apply creams on the skin that has cacao powder, you can see skin improvements significantly. The antioxidants present in cacao powder help fight skin aging and rejuvenate the skin. Additionally, since raw cacao powder has anti-inflammatory properties, it can help soothe skin redness. Also, consuming cacao powder regularly can improve blood flow and circulation. Since blood carries nutrients to different parts of the skin, improved blood flow will likely help improve skin complexion.

  • Promotes Brain Health:

You can find flavonols in cacao powder, which are a sub-group of flavonoids. Flavonoids are naturally occurring compounds found in plants that have many health benefits. The flavonols in cacao powder are the special phytonutrients found in raw cacao beans. When you consume raw cacao powder, these phytonutrients get absorbed by the bloodstream, which helps in improving brain function and cognitive performance.

Where to Buy Cacao Powder?

While you can buy regular cocoa powder in any general store, pure cacao powder is hard to find. So, Juka’s Organic provides the purest form of cacao powder, directly imported from the wilds of Africa.  The fibers present in our cacao powder can help reduce a lot of gut issues and promotes healthy digestion. It is loaded with flavonoids, protein, iron, magnesium, potassium, anti-oxidants, and many more useful nutrients. We have women partners from the villages of Africa who use authentic and traditional methods for our cacao beans i.e. fermented, dried, clean blended, and packed.

If you want to buy cacao powder in its top-quality, follow this link:

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