Cooking with Organic Red Palm Oil – Usage and Nutritional Benefits

Red Palm Oil

Red palm oil is excellent cooking oil for sautéing, baking, dips, and medium heat frying. Organic red palm oil is not only rich in nutrients but also tastes delicious. It has a mild carrot-like flavor, along with a rich, butter texture that makes it an exceptional ingredient for many recipes including stews, soups, roasting, and making light and flaky baked goods. The fatty acids present in the organic red palm oil are very stable and are excellent for cooking at medium heat temperatures.

The food industry, since the early 1950s, has moved past from animal-based fats and oils to plant-based ingredients, which include tropical oils and partially hydrogenated liquid oils such as soy and canola. With the rising concerns of harmful health effects of trans-fats from these hydrogenated oils, red palm oil stands out as the most natural and functional alternative.

Nutritional Benefits:

Organic red palm oil has powerful therapeutic and nutritional properties. It has a rich orange color that reveals the presence of antioxidants, vitamin A & E in the forms of beta-carotene, rare tocopherols, and tocotrienols of the vitamin E family, etc. The beta carotene gets converted to vitamin A in humans and provides color to fruits and vegetables such as carrots and tomatoes, as well as red palm oil in much higher concentrations.

The organic red palm oil provided by Juka’s Organic offers antioxidants rich in phytonutrients, which include tocotrienols, mixed carotenes (antioxidant and pro-vitamin A), phytosterols, plant squalene, and Co-enzyme Q10. Along with cooking, it also provides a lot of benefits for our skin and hair. It can be used to promote hair growth, heal boils, rashes, and many other skins and hair-related problems. We offer different varieties of organic red palm oil such as capsules and soaps that you can purchase at your convenience.

Using Organic Red Palm Oil:

As an ingredient, red palm oil has a nutty, earthy taste and adds a creamy texture to finished dishes. At Juka’s Organic, our women partners from West Africa use traditional methods to make the red palm oil more stable and palatable as an ingredient, while retaining all the essential nutrients. Unrefined organic red palm oil is viscous oil, with a similar consistency to softened butter. It is best used by stirring into sauces as a flavor booster and thickener and drizzled over salad for dressing. It has a smoke pint of 350 degrees, which makes it excellent for medium heating and light heat frying. It also contains over 40% monosaturated fat, which is the same healthy fat as olive oil.


It is very important to buy sustainable, organic red palm oil to make sure that what you are buying is sourced in such a way that it nurtures people, communities, and the environment. This is why we at Juka’s Organic source our red palm oil from the wilds of Africa in the most authentic ways. If you want to buy the best quality organic red palm oil, follow this link:

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