Have Healthy Hair with Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

Cold Pressed, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil -16 FL OZ

Coconut oil has been used for many centuries as a cooking oil and hair and skin product in African and South Asian countries. With the western world just discovering the benefits it offers, it has been since used extensively in the beauty industries. But, the thing is, not every derivation of coconut oil offers this many benefits. Only the raw form or the cold-pressed version of coconut oil is best for the hair. So what is this cold-pressed version?

Much like ordinary coconut oil, the cold-pressed version is also derived from coconuts. However, the method of extraction makes all the difference. Ordinary and refined coconut oil uses heat and chemical additives to increase its shelf-life. Due to this, the oil drastically loses its natural flavor, aroma, and beneficial properties. While the cold pressed version uses no heat and chemicals and is the highest quality version of coconut oil that retains all its nutrients and beneficial compounds. Juka’s Organic offers only cold-pressed coconut oil that is derived from the continent of Africa.

What Makes Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil good for health?

The cold-pressed coconut oil offered by Juka’s Organic is 100% natural, extra virgin, organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, kosher, and free from any preservatives. It is high in Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT), Lauric and Caprylic acids, and good fatty acids that offer immense health benefits. It also has a high content of antioxidants and vitamin E, which are good for your hair and skin.

How Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil is Beneficial for Hair?

Apart from keeping dandruff at bay, cold pressed coconut oil nourishes and moisturizes the scalp. Here are some other benefits of the oil for hair:

  • Protects Against Breakage and Split Ends:

Cold-pressed coconut oil offers a great defense against split ends and breakage, which is often caused by hair treatments such as straightening, perming, and coloring. It forms a layer on the hair that protects it from these treatments and sun damage.

  • Gives the hair Volume:

Cold pressed coconut oil contains nutrients and compounds that not only strengthen the hair but also make it grow thicker. Along with that, it leaves the hair feeling soft and lustrous.

  • Slows Down Premature Graying:

Graying of hair can be caused by many factors, including stress and a hectic lifestyle. Regularly massaging your hair with cold pressed coconut oil will improve blood circulation, allowing the flow of nutrients to the scalp. Not only it will slow down the graying of hair, but also give you a glossy bouncy look.

  • Good against Lice:

One of the many advantages of cold pressed coconut oil is that it discourages lice and nits from sticking to the hair strands. Once you apply it to the hair, its antibacterial properties will start working on your scalp and tresses, which will get you rid of lice.

Buy High-Quality Cold Pressed Coconut Oil:

Juka’s Organic has partnered up with women farmers from the villages of Africa, who use traditional methods to derive cold-pressed coconut oil. If you want to buy this product, click on this link: https://jukasorganic.com/products/buy-extra-virgin-coconut-oil

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