By Juka's Organic Co. on 2018-11-02

Happy Friday Everyone! We are super excited about all the new products we will be adding to Juka’s Organic Catalog soon. One of them is an African Whole Grain call FONIO. This whole grain is a common food in the West African region and has been used by many villagers for centuries until rice was later introduced to them. Little did they know it was a much better Choi to actually stick with their first love, FONIO.

The low glycemic index in fonio makes it a much healthier option than rice and it is also believed to be a much healthier choice than quinoa. This is particularly important for those with diabetes. Fonio is also accredited with other nutrients such as being high in Protein and even has Amino Acid that many other grains lack. This tiny African whole grain is also filled with natural fiber making it easier on your digestive system than many carbohydrate foods.It is also rich in Iron, Calcium & Magnesium. Fonio is a great substitute for rice and us also great with fresh salads once cooked.

We will share more details about the potent health benefits that this African Whole Grain can offer to your daily diet. And of course the decadent flavors with the delicious recipes we have in stores for you.
For more on where to buy fonio or recipes on fonio, visit in a few weeks and we will have it all for you.
Stay conscious and healthy.
Juka’s Organic Co.

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