By Juka's Organic Co. on 2018-11-09

Want to buy coconut oil? Did you know that all coconut oil aren’t the same? The best coconut oil is the cold pressed, virgin & organic one. Whether it’s for your breakfast, or you want to use it on skin or hair, you always want to be sure you are using the real stuff. A good start to test the authenticity beyond what the label, is the smell. Yes, most companies slap just about anything on their product labels. But the proof is in the oatmeal . Coconut oil should always have that fresh nutty smell of blended coconut as if you made it yourself with a blender.

The creamy aroma that makes it taste so good with just about anything sweet. I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but we will keep saying it until you give it a try. Our favorite breakfast here at Juka’s Organic is oatmeal cooked with almond milk 🥛 with a bit of salt. Add your favorite fruits , with Greek yogurt and top it with frozen coconut oil bits. Oh don’t forget to add banana to have that sweet taste without adding sugar or honey. This is a simple and healthy breakfast that will keep you full until lunch. We also love using our fresh coconut 🥥 oil on our morning toast. If you have kids that are bread lovers, they will love this! Coconut oil is filled with nutrients and MCT. You can never go wrong if it’s the real deal.

For more on our cold pressed coconut oil, the health benefits or to buy a jar, visit us at You can also shop our brand from or or find our partner stores on our website under store locator.

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