By Juka's Organic Co. on 2018-07-22

Hope everyone is having an amazing Weekend! Ours has been delicious and delightful so far, particularly yesterday. We had a nice skinny brunch with the beautiful social media influencer/ blogger, host of TheKnowPodcast on ITunes, @rheina_ale . We made some broiled yams , drizzled red palm oil on top with sea salt, black pepper and thyme. We also had some bagel chips with lentils and Juka’s Gourmet Red Palm Sauce. They were both so yummy, easy and quick to make. Article will be on her blog soon .
This is a great way to enjoy yams. Although yams are already a healthy vegetable to have on its own with lots of antioxidant, but with juka’s red palm added, it’s a healthier substitute than olive oil or other veggie oils. Also, adding red palm oil to yams provides a more savory taste than sweet.
Now, the simply naked bagel chips, beans topped with juka’s red palm sauce was an absolute hit for our guest. They couldn’t get enough bits that’s for sure. The crunchy bagels and the soft lentils was a perfect texture combination and to top it with the spicy sauce with the African flavor gave it a perfect A+. This is a summer must have as a favorite snack for any guest or house party you are about to have.
Toasting to a great Sunday ahead. Stay blessed and drink lots of summer water to stay hydrated . BTW, for more info on our products, or where to buy red palm oil from or how to use it, visit or click on bio above . (at Santa Monica, California)

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