By Juka's Organic Co. on 2018-07-22

Wishing you all a beautiful Sunday!

Hope you take sometime to do something you love today. Hosting guests, going outdoors or joining a nice funday Sunday party somewhere, just live and love all you have to live for when you can.

Had a great day yesterday with this beauty, host, SM Influencer/blogger @rheina_ale trying out our products and giving her a taste of Africa. We had African music on the background while the interview was going on and of curse, when you come to an African’s home it’s never complete until you are served some food. What else would be on the menu but the easy to make and delicious red palm oil gourmet sauce. With a little bit of sweet taste. We thought sweet potato was also a great choice to add on the menu. As we called it, a skinny Wakanda Brunch lol. More coming on @rheina_ale ‘s blog.
If you ever want to try some African flavors in your kitchen, yet healthy and delicious, it’s never a question with us lol. Visit and check our Juka’s Taste of Africa Collection, the red palm oil gourmet sauce. This will have your taste buds wondering for more always. The good news is, the sauce is already made, you just have to warm it up and use it how you want in almost everything; Rice, quinoa, veggies, fish or your choice of meat. You can also have it as a snack on your next brunch just follow our recipe tips on the card.

Have a great day ahead! I am heading to yoga then of to some other things, packed Sunday ☺️. Cheers 🥂


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