By Juka's Organic Co. on 2018-07-20

Happy Friday Everyone! If you had a long week as we did here at Juka’s, Organic, here is a little words of encouragement for you as you end the week. The road to success isn’t always easy, you will have many obstacles and many trying moments. Let these be lessons to learn from and motivations to make you stronger, wiser and better at what you do. Don’t always look at a perfect photo as it never took effort, or trial and error. The difference between those who persevere and those who give up; is looking at the brighter side of things when all hope fades away. Although sometimes the brighter side may sound so cliche, but this is the only thing that can give you courage, patience & tenacity to see things through. Tap into what made you gave your dreams a try. The innocent love you had for it, the unbruised thought and the courage of making it happen. Take you mind and heart into that space again and see you come through on the other side as a Champ.

Love and blessings from Juka Ceesay ~Founder Of Juka’s Organic Co.

BTW, S/O to all of our amazing customers over the years, we couldn’t do it without you. BTW, if you looked everywhere to buy our red palm oil online including Walmart and Amazon and it’s out of stock, try going to local stores in your neighborhoods located on our store locator on our website Make sure to call first in case they are out of stock too. There are few stores out there that still have the oil especially in the east coast. We promise to be back in stock with all the stores soon “insahAllah”. Also, this is a great time to try our red palm oil gourmet sauce, you will still have your vitamins E & A dose and enjoy the deliciousness of the oil. The Red Palm Capsules, Juka’s Cold Pressed Coconut Oil and Baobab are all in stock so you have lots of healthy options to choose from when you visit our online store or our partner stores for now. Cheers.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

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