Buy Good Quality Olive Oil for Glowing Skin

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive oil may be an essential ingredient and a cooking staple in many dishes, but research shows that good-quality olive oil offers many skin benefits. The organic olive oil provided by Juka’s Organic has antioxidants that fight free-radical damage and an ingredient called squalene, which is extremely hydrating. Olive oil is made by pressing the oil out of whole olive fruit. Due to its multitude of benefits, it has been used for medical and cosmetic purposes extensively. Due to its emollient and moisturizing properties, you can find olive oil in many skincare products including serums and facial cleaners. Here are the benefits of using olive oil for the skin:

  • Prevents Water Loss:

As olive oil has great moisturizing properties, it reduces water loss effectively. Due to the increase in water content of the skin, your skin will improve in health and appearance.

  • Protects Against Environmental Damage and Inflammation:

The antioxidant properties of olive oil protect skin cells against environmental damage and inflammation. This means it also protects against premature aging, irritation, and redness.

  • Lifts Makeup Effectively:

Olive oil is excellent at breaking down waxy substances like eyeliner and waterproof mascara. With the presence of antioxidants and hydrating eyeliner, it moisturizes the delicate skin in the eye area and nourishes the eyelashes. While olive oil can lift off oil-soluble residues around the skin, it does not entirely remove the makeup. It breaks them down and the makeup is removed with a cleanser.

  • Help Heal Wounds:

When you buy good quality olive oil, you will get anti-inflammatory ingredients that can aid in wound healing. Triterpene is a compound that you can find in many plant oils, especially olive oil, which aids in many biological reactions necessary for wound healing. This includes cell migration, cell proliferation, and collagen deposition, which help in reducing the time taken for wound closure.

How to Use Olive Oil:

Being an emollient with occlusive properties, good quality olive oil works best when maximum moisture is sealed into the skin, which is typically the last step of your skincare routine. You can use it before or mix it with your moisturizer to apply. The best time to apply olive oil is when your skin is slightly wet after a shower or bath.

Buy Good Quality Olive Oil:

Juka’s Organic is one of the leading suppliers of organic supplements and beauty products in the USA. We have women farmer partners in the villages of Africa who use hand-picked olives and traditional methods to prepare the best quality olive oil. If you want to buy good quality olive oil, follow this link:

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