Benefits and Uses of Red Palm Oil for Hair

Benefits of Organic Red Palm Oil

Red palm oil is natural and edible oil, derived from the fruit of oil palm trees. The fruit has a deep red color, particularly when it is unprocessed, which gives its name. This is why Juka’s Organic’s red palm oil is unprocessed, unrefined, 100% pure, without any additives, and prepared in the most authentic way possible. Red palm oil is generally used as cooking oil but also provides immense benefits when used for hair. It can act as a moisturizer, cleanser, and leave-in conditioner. Let’s discuss the benefits in detail and how you can use red palm oil for your hair.

Benefits of Red Palm Oil for Hair:

  • Red Palm oil has Emollient Properties:

Emollients are substance that reduces irritation on the scalp and provides lubrication to the hair. Red palm oil has significant emollient properties and is also known to seal in hair moisture. These emollient properties of red palm oil are due to the presence of palmitic acid and myristic acid, which are also responsible to protect the hair and scalp from irritation.

  • It Cleanses and Conditions the Hair:

Natural oils such as red palm oil can effectively cleanse your hair and condition it. The myristic acid in it works as a cleansing agent for the hair and scalp. The steric acid in it can effectively remove grease and grime from the hair. If you have dry and frizzy hair, these compounds may also double up as conditioners and protect the hair from damage. Red palm oil also has been shown to add shine to your hair.

  • Antioxidant Properties help Promote Hair Health:

Red palm oil is loaded with vitamin E, which is a powerful antioxidant that helps fight oxidative stress on the scalp and promotes hair health. Oxidative stress may accelerate hair aging, so this is a huge benefit for your hair.

How to Use Red Palm Oil for Hair

  • Before Shower:

Massage red palm oil into your scalp before you take a shower to increase the blood flow and promote hair growth. Or you can apply the oil to your hair and leave it overnight before washing it off in the morning. As it is a benign natural oil, it won’t cause any harm to the hair if left for long periods.

  • After Shower:

You can also use red palm oil after a shower as a conditioner, but make sure your hair is damp when you apply the oil. It will protect your hair and prevent frizzing. The oil forms a protective layer on the hair to shield it from harmful outdoor elements.

Get the Best Red Palm Oil:

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