Amazing Properties of Organic Moringa Powder

Amazing Properties of Organic Moringa Powder

Moringa is a versatile, fast-growing tree, native to the African region, and is widely used as food and medicine. It has many important nutrients and anti-oxidants that are usually missing from a regular balanced diet in many developing countries. The leaves of the Moringa tree are dried to make the Organic Moringa Powder, which can be stored without refrigeration for months. It has a wide range of scientifically validated benefits and medical applications.

Moringa powder has been known to treat various types of illness such as diabetes, malaria, typhoid fever, hypertension, etc. It also helps in treating chronic diseases like cancer and arthritis. The Moringa powder provided by Juka’s Organic is imported from the wilds of Africa, which has 24% fiber, Vitamin K and E. In fact, all the organic products of Juka’s Organic have zero added substances.

Properties of Organic Moringa Powder:

Moringa powder is an excellent source of essential nutrients and also absorbed by the body very quickly than most manufactured supplements. It is rich in protein, amino acids, flavonoids, minerals, and anti-oxidants. Apart from these, Moringa powder has a lot of amazing properties, some of which are:

  • Anti-Inflammatory Properties:

Every year, almost 1 million women suffer from benign breast illness that puts them at a higher risk for breast cancer. According to research, anti-inflammatory therapy may help these women battle the illness. Moringa powder has been demonstrated to protect such women if taken regularly, as it has anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Lowers the Blood Glucose Levels:

Diabetes is a huge concern for many people all around the world. Due to rise in blood glucose levels, people have the risk for diabetes. Moringa powder has been shown to  significantly decrease the blood glucose levels among many diabetes patients.

  • Anti-Oxidant Properties:

Anti-oxidants help protect our cells from free radicals, which are a result of indigestion, smoking, and radiation exposure. Plant based anti-oxidants such as Moringa powder is proven to be the best among all.

  • High Bioactive Compound Levels:

Organic Moringa powder contains a considerable amount of bioactive chemicals like vitamins, alkaloids, flavonoids, and many other dietary components. Chronic illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure that can lead to various heart and other disorders, non-alcoholic liver diseases, insulin resistance, and systemic inflammation can all benefit from these chemicals present in the Moringa powder.

We at Juka’s Organic are proud to provide authentic African food that has amazing health benefits. Our Organic Moringa powder is natural, pure, and unprocessed. If you want to buy Moringa powder, then visit our official website

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