Where to Buy Fonio – The Ancient Grain

Where to Buy Fonio – The Ancient Grain

Fonio is an ancient African heritage grain that is considered to be the continent’s oldest refined cereal. This staple is native to West Africa and is usually enjoyed in the mountainous area countries like Burkina Faso, Senegal, Guinea, Nigeria, and Mali. Fonio is also otherwise known as acha, iburura, and hungry rice. In a few parts of Togo, fonio is used to excite breastfeeding people and prevent blood clotting after childbirth.

Fonio plays an imperative role as a staple in ensuring food security, especially during the period of post-harvest when the food is insufficient. Fonio can be harvested within six to eight weeks and can be stored well without any pest infestation. Another great quality of fonio is that it grows well even in drought conditions and poor soil quality that doesn’t even require fertilizers and other implements. So, if you are looking for where to buy Fonio, Juka’s Organic Co. is the best place.

Fonio- An Underutilized Crop

Fonio is an ethnically unique grain that can be found in many West African countries. Fonio is also used in various ceremonies in these countries. Although fonio is rich in the nutrient profile and in its cultural heritage, it is still considered an underutilized and abandoned crop species. Sometimes fonio is also called “lost crops”, “orphan crops”, or “minor crops”, which is mostly because it hasn’t been carefully researched, is not utilized to its full extent, and is mostly grown by smallholder farms.

This consideration has been changed now because today, fonio is regarded as the main crop of West Africa. Due to its high environmental properties, potential to expand one’s diet, today it can be found in many food stores across the globe. Also, fonio has become an excellent income source for many smallholder farmers in West Africa.

Different Types of Fonio:

As fonio is a member of the millet family, it is divided into two major types, which are:

Digitaria Iburua – Commonly known as “iburu”, it is a grass species that is native to west and west-central tropical Africa. This grain is white and has black or brown spikelet, and is closely related to white fonio.

Digitaria Exilis – Referred to as “findi” or “fundi” in African areas such as The Gambia, is also a common form of fonio. His white grain usually grows from Senegal to Chad, and also in central Nigeria. Among the two varieties of fonio, Digitaria Exilis is more regularly eaten and more accessible outside Africa.

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