Red Palm Oil – Usages, Storing, and How to Buy

Palm oil is one of the most talented food products in the world. It’s used for making meals and an ingredient in margarine, ice cream, and many other foods. Palm oil, and red palm oil, in particular, is made from the fruit of the African oil palm, both the seed and the flesh. While humans have used this material for thousands of years, red palm oil production has skyrocketed over some decades. Red palm oil capsules are less refined than bleached palm oil. The breeding process required in producing red palm oil removes several nutrients, making red palm oil a possibly healthier option to standard palm oil.

Whenever a food becomes as widespread as palm oil, it’s essential to consider its health effects. Much has been made of viable beneficial results of red palm oil on your health. While claims of mysterious powers are overblown, palm oil does get its rusty-orange hue from high levels of potent antioxidants like beta-carotene and lycopene. Unrefined palm oil also contains substantial amounts of vitamin E and is high in levels of “good” monounsaturated fats. It also has no cholesterol.

Uses of Red Palm Oil

Research shows that combining red palm oil to the diets of pregnant women and children in emerging countries lessens the uncertainty of having too little vitamin A. It also seems to support, increase in vitamin A levels in those who have too small. Red palm oil appears to be as powerful as taking a vitamin A supplement to limit or manage moderate levels of vitamin A. Doses of about 8 grams or less per day seems to work best. Higher doses don’t seem to have more advantages.

How to Store and Buy

It is best stored in a cool, low light area. Refrigeration is not necessary but will increase the shelf life. Most African, Caribbean, Brazilian, and many Middle Eastern markets carry red palm oil. You can also order it online. Refining gives the oil lighter colored oil and smoother flavor, but it also eliminates many of the components that provide palm oil its health benefits.

Palm oil is solid at room temperature and will remain fresh for quite some time in your pantry. If you won’t use it that frequently, storing it in the refrigerator can increase shelf life. West Africans prefer red palm oil and utilize it in amounts that would produce most Westerners gasp. Fortunately, you can modify dishes using much smaller amounts of organic red palm oil sauce. In the kitchen, use red palm fruit oil capsules similar you do olive oil. Add another layer of taste to dishes, stir a dash or two into soups and stews, or sprinkle it over beans and vegetables.

Red palm oil has a high smoke point, so it is perfect for sautéing and frying. Given its higher price, you might jeer at using palm oil alone for deep frying. Instead, try cutting it with a more affordable, neutral oil to deliver deep-fried foods a taste of palm oil’s color and flavor taste all the cost outwardly. You can buy many Red Palm Oil products online. It comes in various forms, such as capsules, cooking oil, skincare products, and sauce.  

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