Liquid Multivitamins vs Pills - Where Can I Buy Liquid Vitamins?

Liquid Multivitamin

If you have ever taken multivitamins, you must know that they come in different forms - pills, liquids, gummies, tablets, pastilles, powders, or injectable formulations. It is a known fact that the journey to optimal health and well-being often involves the use of multivitamins to bridge nutritional gaps and support our bodies. With our living style and fooding habits gradually going downhill, it is no surprise that we find ourselves constantly searching for supplements like a daily job. Our food has become less nutrient-dense, and we need these multivitamins to meet our daily micronutrient minimums. But, most of us find it easier to buy a vitamin pill than to actually swallow it.

Since food alone can’t entirely supplement the nutrient requirement of the body, most conscious eaters have started swallowing these multivitamin pills along with their pride. But with so many varieties of these available, what is the best option that you should choose? Pills, tablets, gummies, or liquid multivitamins? In this blog, we will explore the benefits of liquid multivitamins over their biggest counterpart in the market - Pills, and also let you know about the best place you can get them. So next time you wonder, “Where can I buy liquid vitamins?”, you’ll know where to go!

The Advantage of Absorption

Now this is perhaps the biggest advantage that liquid vitamins have over other forms - there is no breakdown involved. In the case of pills, the micronutrients are housed inside the capsule or tablet. Your body has to first break down the capsule to absorb the nutrients inside. But in liquids, the job is straight and easy. But why does this matter? Because this extra step involved not only decreases the efficiency of vitamin absorption but also reduces nutrient bioavailability, and this isn’t ideal for the supplementation of the body. 

Let’s break things down. When you take pills or tablets, your body enters into a race where it has to break the hard glue sheath of the pills to get to the vitamins before the entire matter gets excreted out. This makes liquid multivitamins a much better and more efficient option.

The Advantage of A Shorter Shelf Life

This is not a demerit of liquid multivitamins added to the list. Multivitamin pills and tablets indeed have a longer shelf life as compared to liquids, but this longevity is not organic. You can store these pills and tablets for a longer period, but this extra time comes with the addition of some questionable fillers, stabilizers, and other bonding agents. These multivitamin-turned-time capsules have additives that include boric acid, sodium benzoate, and certain hydrogenated oils. So you know what add-ons you are actually getting when you are purchasing a pill that has a stable and long shelf life.

Now, if you are not swayed away by the financial benefits of these pills, it is time to consider liquid multivitamins that provide you with a better cost-to-benefit ratio.

The Advantage of Swallowing

Swallowing pills is difficult for many, and this is not a myth. There are medical conditions where people find swallowing these heavy, bulky pills a lot more difficult. Swallowing is not a pleasant process for those suffering from Dysphagia, which is a condition of difficulty swallowing. These people are often more at risk of nutrient deficiencies, and multivitamins become a major source of their nutrient intake. This is where liquid multivitamins have a role to play. And this is not all!

A big chunk of the population also suffers from Pill-phobia - a psychological condition that brings in the fear of swallowing pills - and this can lead to some serious issues like dry mouth and constricted throat muscles leading to risks of choking. And liquid multivitamins are the best counterparts for their nutrient intake. 

The Advantage of Chemistry

The adage "better together" comes to mind when discussing how liquid vitamins work synergistically. You can include stronger doses of micronutrients in a liquid solution, and these micronutrients will combine to increase the health-improving effects. These vitamins work better as a team when taken in higher dosages combined, creating a more potent multivitamin. Liquid forms of multivitamins can achieve levels of nutrient density that are not possible with capsules or tablets. Liquid vitamins enable greater concentrations of each component, which are then enhanced through careful combinations to yield a more potent final product. 

What does this do? This increases the strength of liquid supplements in two ways. Each nutrient's combined effect is greater and better when taken as a liquid vitamin. So when you ask yourself, “Where can I buy liquid vitamins?”, rest assured that you have the correct question. 

The Advantage of Customization 

Since no two people are the same, liquid multivitamins excel in this situation. Users can more easily customize liquid formulations by changing dosages to meet their unique demands. The adaptability of liquid multivitamins caters to individual preferences, whether you need higher doses of a certain vitamin or prefer to mix your supplements with your favorite beverages. Some people who take supplements may worry about digestive pain. Since liquid multivitamins are often friendlier on the digestive system, their soft nature can be a game-changer for people with sensitive stomachs. Due to this, liquid vitamins are an appealing option for those wanting a gentler method of dosing. 

Where Should You Buy - Jukas Organic

Now arises the question, where can you get the best liquid multivitamin? With hundreds of options available in the market, choosing the right place becomes an essential element. Jukas Organic is the perfect place where you can get the best medically certified liquid multivitamins. With noni juice & other essential nutrients, Juka’s liquid multivitamin contains Africa's superfood, baobab powder, and delivers natural vitamin C to make the immune system stronger. So the next time you wonder, “Where can I buy liquid vitamins?”, you know where you should head to!

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