How Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is Beneficial for kids

How Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is Beneficial for kids

Our body produces our own natural oil that protects our skin and maintains softness and hydration. But chemical pollutants, harsh soaps, and dry seasons can dehydrate our skin to a great extent. Extra virgin coconut oil effectively locks in the moisture and also protects against pathogens. Not only skincare, but virgin coconut oil also benefits from boosting immunity to hair care. The nutrients present in it can improve the kid’s health and the overall quality of life a lot.

Juka’s Organic provides organic extra virgin coconut oil that is unprocessed, cold-pressed, and 100% authentic from Africa. It is especially high in high in Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT), Lauric, and Caprylic Acids that help in boosting metabolism and energy. Let’s look at some benefits of using extra virgin coconut oil for kids:

  • Increases Nutrient Absorption in Body:

One of the biggest challenges mothers face is being able to feed nutritious food to their children. However, adding a tablespoon of organic extra virgin coconut oil to your kid’s food before can increase the body’s absorption of necessary vitamins and minerals by almost eighteen times.

  • Stimulates hair Growth:

Commercial oils and lotions claim to stimulate hair growth in kids but are often full of chemicals that do more damage than good. The fatty acids and antioxidants present in Juka’s Organic’s organic extra virgin coconut oil effectively stimulate hair growth in kids. It forms a protective layer on the scalp and protects the roots from weakening.

  • Pain-Free Teething:

Handling kids when they are teething is a challenging job. It is often a painful time and sometimes it may seem nothing can help. But, if you apply pure, extra-virgin coconut oil to the gums of kids, it dilates and soothes the pain during teething.

  • Excellent After-Bath Moisturizer:

Most of the time baths make babies' dry skin even drier, but not if you use organic coconut oil as a moisturizer. After bathing, pat the baby’s skin dry with a towel and then apply the coconut oil while the skin is damp. This will not let the moisturize get out from the body and keeps the skin soft and smooth throughout the day.

  • Boosts Immunity in Kids:

If your kid suffers from a regular cold and cough, it is a sign of poor immunity. Adding organic extra virgin coconut oil to the daily diet of the child can significantly boost the kid’s immunity. The lauric acid present in the oil gets converted into monolaurin, which helps fight bacteria and viruses, as well as seasonal flues.

Juka’s Organic has women partners in the villages of Africa that help bring us 100% natural organic coconut oil, which is gluten-free, dairy-free, kosher, and free from any preservatives. If you want to buy pure organic extra virgin coconut oil, follow this link:

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