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Where to buy red palm oil

Red palm oil originates from the fruit of the tropical oil palm tree. It has been used for decades, both by people and beauty-care product makers. The oil is rich in antioxidants, saturated fats, and various vitamins. It is particularly beneficial for our hair and skin due to the presence of essential nutrients. The unrefined version of palm oil is known as red palm oil, for being reddish-orange in color.

Juka’s Organic provides red palm oil that is authentic and 100% sustainable from the villages of Africa. We have different versions of red palm oil, including soaps, cooking oil, capsules, etc. that you can buy according to your preference. The capsules have no artificial preservatives, are easy to consume, and are BSE-free. The unrefined version has a high content of nutrients than the regular palm oil, which makes it a good alternative. But, many people are yet to discover the true benefits of red palm oil. So, here are some of the common questions asked by the people regarding red palm oil:

What is Red Palm Oil Used For?

Red palm oil can be used for various things including cooking, baking, dipping, frying, sautéing, etc. The fatty acids present in red palm oil are very stable, which makes it perfect for cooking at medium temperatures. It is also used for body care or self-care purposes, such as lotions or formulations. The high content of antioxidants reduces the signs of aging and preserves the natural glow of the skin.

Is Red Palm Oil Good for our Skin?

Yes, red palm oil is very beneficial for our skin. It is a chemically stable natural saturated fat, so when exposed to sunlight, the oil doesn’t start to oxidize. When you apply the oil to your hair or skin, they soak in them, safeguarding and nurturing our skin. It also has vitamin E, tocopherol, and tocotrienols, which shield our skin from sun damage and eliminate any scar formation. Red palm oil has certain enzymes that help preserve our cells and increase collagen and elasticity in our skin.

How Do Red Palm Oil Taste?

The red palm oil has a creamy, buttery texture, and a mild carrot-like flavor. Some red palm oil also tastes harsh or has a strong flavor, but with the cold-filtration process, the strong taste is removed while preserving the nutrients. When used for cooking, red palm oil adds flavor and color to the dishes. Many people say it has a bold, paprika-like flavor that helps in enhancing spicy food. But, the only way to know for sure is by trying the original red palm oil provided by Juka’s Organic.

If you want to get all the benefits of Red Palm Oil, we at Juka’s Organic have got different versions of it that you can buy. Order from our official website .

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