Fonio Whole Foods—Ancient Grain Packed with Nutrients

Fonio Whole Foods—Ancient Grain Packed with Nutrients

Juka's Organic Co. is here to offer you a healthy way of life. We provide nutritional products like great cooking oils, supplements, and whole foods. We also have superb beauty products to infuse with skincare routines. Let's talk about some of the natural food products you can purchase today to add to your health journey. 

Fonio Whole Foods 

Fonio is an ancient grain of West African countries for over 5000 years. It is a heritage grain with remarkable health benefits. to It is a heritage grain with remarkable Fonio health benefits It has been an essential crop in some parts of Africa because it is highly nutritious. Eating Fonio whole foods is eating a bundle of nutrients. Fonio is a package of nutrients while it is low in cholesterol. People who are looking for low cholesterol food can add Fonio Recipes to their diet. 

Fonio makes excellent flour for bread and baked goods. It can be eaten whole as a grain to replace rice or combined with other dishes. It has a mild taste with a slightly nutty flavor and absorbs the flavors of ingredients it is combined with.


Highly Nutritious Grain

Fonio is a precious grain ideal for a healthy and balanced diet. It is gluten-free, rich in protein and necessary amino acids, source of Fiber, B-vitamins, and minerals. High digestibility and low Glycemic index make it perfect for consumers of all ages, starting from kids.


Benefits of Having Fonio Whole Foods

Aids weight loss:

Fonio is an aid for weight reduction since it is high in fiber. This grain can be effectively digested and doesn't contain many complex fibers to be hurtful for your body. The fiber helps in keeping you full, subsequently playing a vital part in your weight loss journey. It will even save you vibrant throughout the day due to Vitamin B1, B3, and iron.

Controls diabetes:

Fonio has a shallow glycemic index, assimilating into the body gradually and doesn't cause spikes in glucose levels that other refined grains do. It also contains sulfur, chromium, and amino acids that help control diabetes. Studies have indicated that eating Fonio may be an approach to managing glucose levels in people with diabetes.


Helps to prevent Anemia:

Fonio has a high concentration of iron, so it helps against Anemia, and it additionally contains folic acid and other amino acids that are advantageous for women during pregnancy.

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