Compounds of Red Palm Oil that are Beneficial for Skin

Red Palm Oil

Red palm oil is made from the fruit of the palm oil tree, which s indigenous to West Africa. This is why, Juka’s Organic has women farmer partners in the villages of Africa, who use traditional methods to bring you the best quality red palm oil. From moisturizing to anti-aging properties, red palm oil offers many benefits for skin and overall health. What is best is that, since our red palm oil is unrefined, pure, and has no additives, it retains most of its essential nutrients and compounds that offer a wide range of benefits. Here are some important compounds present in red palm oil that work wonders for our skin:

  • Vitamin E: Tocopherols and Tocotrienols

Due to its antioxidant properties, many beauty products include red palm oil. Usually, most natural plant compounds contain the tocopherol form of vitamin E, however, red palm oil also contains an additional, rarer form of vitamin E known as tocotrienols. Tocotrienols compounds are being studied for their role in fighting cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, and brain disorders. Tocotrienols also protect our skin from the sun and help minimize scars

  • Carotenoids:

The reddish color of red palm oil is obtained from this compound called carotenoids. It is the same compound that gives tomatoes and carrots their orange color. But carotenoids do more than just add color, they help protect our skin from the sun. When you use our red palm oil for skin, the carotenoids in it offer as much sun screening as SPF 15 and block out UV radiation. They also interfere with the growth of certain cancer cells.

  • Vitamin K:

Vitamin K in red palm oil support skin healing reduces swelling and mitigates bruising. Vitamin K has also been shown to help remove spider veins and minimize stretch marks, scars, burns, and bruises. It can also help with rosacea, which is a condition where tiny red lines and pimples form at the surface of the skin.

  • Flavonoids:

Also obtained from plants, flavonoids have positive effects on the skin from environmental factors such as pollution or carcinogens. Using red palm oil for skin will effectively protect you from sun damage.

  • Squalene:

Our skin’s sebum glands naturally make squalene which helps to protect the skin from the oxidizing effects of UVA rays by absorbing oxygen. In the beauty industry, squalene is considered a beneficial ingredient to soften the skin. In the case of red palm oil, squalene combined with beneficial oxidizing effects helps in the preservation of the skin.

Buy the Best Quality Red Palm Oil:

Juka’s Organic is one of the leading suppliers of organic superfoods and beauty products from Africa in the USA. We have different versions of red palm oil that you can choose from including the liquid form, capsules, and soap bars. Using our red palm oil for skin will give you immense benefits. To buy our organic red palm oil, follow this link:

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