By Juka's Organic Co. on 2018-12-10

Soul food chef, Keith uses Juka’s red palm oil in his recipe at his restaurant! Had the pleasure to meet this wonderful chef Keith @gmm_fresh and his CDC today at @Jetro by the seafood section. Yes, even a Sunday can be a work day for me, especially when prepping for an upcoming event. I started talking to them as usual lol but this time it was different. It seemed like I just needed to talk beyond “how are you” one thing lead to another then of course recipes came up and I told him I was African & we like spice & flavor then out of nowhere he mentioned how he uses red palm oil for one of their recipes at his restaurant, guess what? He uses Juka’s Red Palm Oil and it was fascinating because their menu is mostly soul food 🥘. This was priceless and it had to be an IG moment.

Talk a little more, smile a lot more and the world will surprise you a whole lot more. #learning moment.

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