By Juka's Organic Co. on 2018-10-15

This moment had to be shared because it was the cutest things. She wanted me to sign her recipe card but when we were recording it she said “ain’t messing with it because no makup and my hair isn’t done” but I thought she looked beautiful though “women problems” . The love I get from these customers is priceless! They are truly genuine and always so welcoming and supportive! And it is very rewarding to have customers that also pass by and say “oh we used that red palm sauce and it was amazing .. or I use your coconut oil all the time & love it”. Or to turn around and see a customer holding our brand of coconut oil from one of the aisles. I thank them all for making this journey worth the hardships.

Have a beautiful weekend everyone and find one reason to keep pushing through your journey and you will discover one.

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