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Hope you all had a healthy wellness Wednesday! If you are a keen follower of Juka’s Organic, by now you would know that red palm oil is great for you! Now, you might not always remember all the health benefits this great oil has to offer. So we will mention a few as a reminder.

BTW, S/O to @aspiringveganista for buying our oil, exploring it with this yummy vegan dish.

Red palm oil different from “palm oil” is very healthy for you. But first let’s dissect why these two are different. Palm oil comes from the kernel of the palm fruit which is white in color, while red palm oil is extracted from the palm fruit of the palm, which gives it the red color. Palm oil is also the oil that is used in most of the soaps, crackers, cleaning products you buy from the supermarket which has no healthy benefits but instead it’s used in large quantities to produce the products you may never know have palm oil as mentioned above. This palm oil are usually produced in masses in Asia. This has caused a lot of environmental concerns because of the lack of sustainability practices involved. Mind you, red palm oil is originally from Africa, years ago the fruits were taken to Asia and other parts of the world to be reproduced for mass production of products you use daily. While in Africa, people simply use the red palm fruit oil as a healing medicinal or cooking oil. Although red palm oil is also sold by companies that produce the palm oil in other parts of the world, the quality of the red palm oil is usually very different. 1.The red palm from villages of Africa that weren’t replanted are 100% sustainable and does not endanger wildlife. 2.This red palm oil is also much better quality. The red palm color is much deeper. This means it has higher amounts of carotenoids, vitamins A &E and antioxidants which kills free radicals in the body and protect you from lot of illnesses. We all know vitamin A is great for your vision and E is great for healthier skin and hair.

So when buying red palm oil, always makes sure it is 100% sustainable. And its a deeper red color. For more on where to buy red palm oil, visit
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