By Juka's Organic Co. on 2018-08-26

Happy Sunday Everyone! Meet us at the @basketballbeautiesleague finals today. Ball Sole Heart will be playing against Pedal To The Medal! Juka’s Organic Co., is excited for the partnership with this great women initiative, empowering women in sports. These are powerful and beautiful
millennial women that are socially driven to do positive things in their communities. They play all year round to make it to the finals and we are excited to give the wining team a gift from the motherland produced by women; cold pressed coconut oil and our special RED PALM OIL GOURMET SAUCE.

Want some thing fun and chill to do on this beautiful Sunday? Stop by if you are in Los Angeles area to watch a great game and enjoy some healthy and delicious food. Menu; red palm salmon bowl and red palm veggie bowl.
Address: 4000 S Main St,
Los Angeles, CA, 90037

More on our products made by women and sold by women visit

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