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Happy Fitness Weekend Everyone! Why I love my own homemade pre-workout protein drink with Baobab Powder? Because I can mix it in no time for myself and I know what’s in it . This time, I added 1 cup of cold water, 1 banana , dew strawberries , two spoons of natural peanut butter, and the magic powder Juka’s Organic BAOBAB FRUIT POWDER. *

I am ready to kick Azzz at the gym, energy level

In Africa, people consume the pulp directly after splitting the shell. However, if we don’t live in Africa, it will be difficult to find fresh fruits. We only can find powdered baobab. And this is why at Juka’s Organic Co., we have naturally dried the powder to its purest form. For your convenience, the powder can be added to foods and drinks but particularly your pre workout smoothies.

The fibers in baobab fruits help us feeling full longer and reduce food cravings. The fiber also reduce the absorbtion of sugar. Excess sugar in our body will be stored in fat tissues. So, baobab fruit is good for controlling body weight. Many health problems are related to obesity, such as heart diseases, stroke, hypertension, diabetes mellitus,hormonal disorders and sleep disorder.

Okay here some facts if you aren’t convinced

*This is because baobab fruit has

6 X More Antioxidant Than Blueberries
5 X More Antioxidant Than Acai Berries
6 X More Vitamin C Than Oranges,
6 X More Potassium Than Bananas,
50% Heart Healthy Fiber Per Serving
More Magnesium Than Coconut Water,
2 X Calcium As Milk.

Want to know more about this superfood, Baobab Powder, or want to buy some for your next pre-workout? Visit us at or click on bio above.

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