By Juka's Organic Co. on 2018-04-23

Hope you all enjoyed your Sunday!

There is nothing better than self care. Woke up and hit the gym & did a 30 minutes yoga @ Hot8. Got home did my hair oil treatment with some red palm mixed with my hair conditioner, leaving my hair extra soft and manageable. Well, I couldn’t leave out my favorite home facial treatment with honey , red palm and turmeric powder. Now on to the body, home made body scrub with coconut oil and all washed up. And of course SHEA BUTTER was part of this weekend pampering regimen. There is nothing more pleasant than the earthy smell of Shea butter on my thick natural hair and dark tanned skin. Feeling radiant, flawless and youthful. Dancing through my leaving room and kitchen with FUNK music. I feel good, tana na na na, so good, so good, so good lol yes singing too. Off to the nail shop and spa for a good massage since I managed to do most of the self care for myself at a lower cost lol. Feeling blissful and rejuvenated and ready for Monday.

Have an amazing night everyone. Do take the time to pamper yourself to the goodness of life. After all, it all starts and ends with the “self”. For some more info on these great products, visit or click on bio ☝️

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