By Juka's Organic Co. on 2018-04-21

Happy weekend everyone. Things come and go, time passes but our memories stay forever. Create amazing memories in life with people around you.

I often had very little sleep during my visit to Africa. Lots of work; meeting women farmers/vendors, Kids and traveling through the villages. But I also managed to spend some down time with my host (Mama Jawara cleaning the veggies) and some of the women we work with. They truly though I didn’t know how to cook until they took me to the local market. Once I saw the fresh veggies & fish, I turned into an African chef and boy was the food good lol. I made some awesome fish, veggies with Fonio. This is a lot healthier than rice and has been believed to surpass the benefits of quinoa. It is also enjoyed by people with diabetes because of its lower glycemic index. Fonio grains are a member of millet family, it is gluten free and also very easy to digest. Forget about the benefits, all I know is, it was finger licking good 🤗. Sorry was too hungry to take pics of the food 🥘 :), but I have different plates of African Food to share later .

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