By Juka's Organic Co. on 2018-02-04

Goodnight everyone and always believe in your dreams and hold on to it tightly! Please don’t let anything or anyone hold you back from the gift that God gives you, to simply dream and believe. Work hard and deliver, be good to yourself and those around you. Manifest with clear conscience and it shall be. During our first product launch event at Walmart, a customer walked up to me and gave me a copy of a receipt that had the name Juka’s Organic and said “I just bought your products and I think you should keep this receipt”. In the mix of all things we often forget the magnitude of events but the small receipt she handed me, spoke to me much bigger than the whole event. But really, all it made me do is strengthened my belief in the power of holding on to a dream and yes that small receipt helped me see that the dream I have held on to is now manifesting in front of me.

I thank the higher power and I will always surrender to him for his guidance and his power because with Him all things are possible (no matter your religion) we know there is a force bigger than us that draws the final conclusion but He dears is all to dream after he created us.

So Dream On My Friends & Good Night

Juka Ceesay Founder Of Juka’s Organic Co.

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