By Juka's Organic Co. on 2017-08-10

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BTW, are you 5 years late on cooking the food you eat with healthy oils? Red palm oil is actually one of the healthiest oil to cook with but yet the most underrated. And no, we aren’t speaking of the one from Asia or South America, we are referring to the “authentic red palm oil” that comes from Africa. Remember, red palm is actually indigenous to Africa and not any other place, hence this gives better quality and offers all the health benefits you need for your body! Okay let’s go down the list of the documented benefits:

Red palm is Filled with antioxidant like no other fruit / plan, Also, it offered high levels of MCT. This give great energy to the body and helps with speeding up metabolism for weight loss. It doesn’t stop there, inclusive of many more health benefits, the one that wows us the most thus far is lowering of cholesterol. Beyond the science behind it, we have literally had customer testimonies on how their blood work came out differently after consuming Juka’s Organic Red Palm Oil. Now this is the most gratifying of all the benefits. Don’t believe this, well you won’t know until you try!

If you recite in Arizona, stop by our this awesome seafood market and try a bottle that you will never regret. Did we mention it’s also delicious with seafood 🦐🦈and spices.
For more information or store location visit We are expanding, so we might just be in your neighborhood. (at Arizona)

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