All About Fonio - Why and Where to Buy Fonio

All About Fonio - Why and Where to Buy Fonio

Fonio has been a vital crop in some parts of Africa due to high nutrition. Eating Fonio is eating a bundle of vitamins. Fonio is a pack up of vitamins while it is low in cholesterol. People who are looking for low cholesterol food can add Fonio to their diet.

This grain is quickly becoming one of the most famous super foods in the world and is considered to quickly defeat quinoa as king among foodies.

Fonio is also rich in iron, calcium, magnesium, and zinc and has a greater amount of these nutrients than different grains. It is also high in fiber which makes it a very good carbohydrate as it releases its sugar slowly into the bloodstream, making for reliable, high-quality energy over a long period.

Where to buy Fonio

Our natural Fonio gives an amount of fiber and low sodium per person serving to aid to satisfy hunger and control food hunger all day long. Here you can get an idea about why and where to buy Fonio.

The real tricky part is searching for a reliable source to buy Fonio. Jukas Organic Co. is the best place to buy Fonio. We are committed to bringing the best Fonio to you.

Health Benefits of Fonio

Naturally gluten-free

Gluten zeal and celiac sickness are on the rise in different parts of the world and the lone techniques for treating it are to not eat food sources that contain gluten. Fonio is gluten-free just as it doesn’t have any of the proteins that are discovered in gluten, so it is totally safe to consume if you do have celiac sickness.

Controls diabetes

Fonio has an exceptionally low glycemic record, so it is immersed into the body gradually and doesn't cause spikes in glucose levels than other grains do. It also contains sulfur, chromium, and amino acids that help to control diabetes and studies have indicated that eating Fonio might be a way to control blood sugar levels in diabetics.

Apart from that there are various other remarkable benefits of Fonio for which it can be widely used in our daily diet. Consider visiting our website to find out more information about our products.

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