Advantages of Liquid Multivitamin over Pills or Tablets

Advantages of Liquid Multivitamin over Pills or Tablets

Most people who take vitamin pills have their medicine cabinet or kitchen counter look like a pharmacy. Most food that people consume lacks essential nutrients, which is why multivitamin supplements have become necessary to meet our body’s daily nutrient intake. Even the more conscious eaters have to swallow their pride in order to swallow the multivitamin pills to stay healthy. But, while we have accepted multivitamin pills as a part of our diet, it doesn’t mean we have started to enjoy them.

Most of us do not like the unpleasant practice of pill-popping and would avoid it as much as we could, which is why a lot of substitutes are available nowadays. But, among those substitutes, Liquid Multivitamin is the most superior form.  It goes more smoothly than any bulky pill or tablet. Juka’s Organic provides delicious and sugar-free liquid multivitamin and formulas are designed for maximum absorption.

Advantages of Liquid Multivitamin:

Juka’s Organic liquid multivitamin has high Biotin and Vitamin E & A levels. It helps strengthen hair, skin, nails, and the Baobab Powder content makes our immune system stronger. Let’s discuss how the liquid form of this supplement is better than its pill or tablet versions:

  • Better Bioavailability and Absorption:

One of the biggest advantages of a liquid multivitamin is that there is no breakdown involved. With a pill or tablet, the body needs to break down the casing of the capsules to get the nutrients. This extra step decreases the efficiency of the vitamin absorption in most cases and also limits the nutritional bioavailability, which is not ideal for a supplement that is used to improve our health.

When you swallow a pill, your body tries to break it down as quickly as possible. If it is not done quickly, there is a high chance the nutrients will pass through the digestive tract without any absorption. With a sluggish breakdown, you will literally flush all the nutrients down the drain. With liquid supplements, there is no cause for any breakdown, which is why it is easy and quickly absorbed by the body.

  • Lower Self Life:

Yes, this is actually an advantage for multivitamins. While pills have a larger shelf life, it comes with a great price. To make them last long, many fillers, stabilizers, and bonding agents are added, which are not always healthy for the body. Also, many people unknowingly keep on taking these pills past their expiration date. These are no longer effective and can possibly harm your body. So, if you want an additive-free vitamin supplement, consider liquid multivitamins.

Juka’s Organic cares about its customers and the environment, which is why our liquid multivitamin is offered in glass bottles to avoid the leaching of plastic. If you want to buy the best liquid multivitamin, visit our official website

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