3 Benefits of Gluten Free Liquid Multivitamins Over Other Forms of Supplements

Liquid Multivitamin - 16 oz Bottle

Multivitamin supplements can come in many forms including pills, tablets, powders, and liquids. Unlike medications, they aren’t supposed to cure or treat diseases but supplement your daily diet with essential vitamins and minerals that your body needs to be healthy. Pills and capsules have a longer shelf life and are easy to store, but liquid multivitamins get your nutrients in a more convenient and safer way. Juka’s Organic brings you the best quality liquid multivitamin supplements that will deal with all your vitamin deficiencies and also if you have gluten sensitivity. Here are 3 major benefits of choosing our liquid gluten free multivitamins:

  1. Safer Consumption:

Tablets and pills are a choking hazard as they can get caught in the throat and block the airways. This makes them difficult for children and those with jaw problems or those who have problem swallowing. The liquid form of multivitamins is not as much of a choking hazard. You can either take them directly or have them with soup or water. This makes liquid multivitamins a great option for parents to give their children the added nutrients they need without worrying about getting choked.

  1. More Effective:

While the powder and pills form also contain the same type of vitamins and minerals, the form of consumption also affects how the body processes nutrients. Studies have shown that the bioavailability of a vitamin measures the extent of absorption of the substance by the body, so higher bioavailability indicates a more effective vitamin. As liquid multivitamins have a higher peak concentration and a shorter time until they reach peak concentration, this makes them have a higher concentration than pills. And a higher concentration means higher bioavailability. So, choosing the liquid form of a multivitamin is for effective than its counter forms.

  1. Faster Absorption:

Not only is the absorption rate for our liquid gluten free multivitamins higher and more effective than for other forms, but it is also faster than pills or capsules. This is due to the ways they are each broken down by the body. Pills are protected by an outer shell or casing, which protects the formula from being nullified by other parts of the digestive process, and as a result, it slows down the absorption.

They have to be broken down fully in order to free the nutrients to be absorbed and affect your body. This breaking down process takes an unnecessary amount of time and work. However, there is no outer layer with the liquid form, so the gluten free multivitamins flow into your body much faster. The digestive system absorbs the nutrients much more quickly and gets you all its benefits.

Buy Gluten Free Multivitamins:

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