Red Palm Oil Recipes

Our Newest Items That Everyone Can't Seem To Get Enough Off. Red Palm Oil Gourmet Sauce That Makes Eating Red Palm Oil Much Easier & Enjoyable! Try These Recipes Below! 

Red Palm Oil Sauce

This red palm oil recipe is super easy to make, just under 15 minutes you can have a delicious dinner for your family. To make this recipe, you need fresh salmon, season it as on video and fry, bake, or saute it. Cook the red palm oil sauce for two minutes with our red palm oil (1 spoon of the red palm oil and 4 spoons of the red palm oil sauce). Plate cooked rice, quinoa, or your choice of cooked grains with cooked fish and top it with the cooked sauce and you are done for an epic red palm oil meal.


This beans and yam red palm oil sauce recipe is super easy and quick to make. All you need is to red or white yams, steams, peel and put aside. Boil 1.5 cups of beans (either white, black or lentils) for about 30 minutes or until it's cooked. Once this is done, it takes 2-3 minutes to whip up the sauce in a pan. Warm up pan for 1 minute, add 1 spoon of red palm oil, then add 4 spoons of our special red palm oil sauce, cook for 2 minutes then turn off heat. Plate yams and beans then add cooked red palm oil sauces. You can also add fried fish on the side of this plate and garnish with chopped green onions.



We have a a red palm oil recipe for everyone! Yes, even if you are vegetarian we got you covered with our red palm oil gourmet sauce. So we wont't tell you which vegetables to use but we do love this recipe with eggplants and zucchini. You can use additional veggies such as mushrooms, sweet peppers and even whatever veggies you have in your refrigerator. The magic to this recipe is to not over cook the veggies, they should be done but crunchy. Of curse you can substitute the olive oil you saute the veggies with red palm oil, but we love the recipe just as you see on this video. This is a healthy and yummy way to use our red palm oil gourmet sauce in under 10 minutes. Also don't forget to add some thyme or basil to give it an extra kick.

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Juka Cooks Red Palm Oil Sauce With Ashley Allen Media 


Love red palm oil but don't like cooking? explore and use our red palm oil sauce, super easy to make. It has very basic but delicious ingredients that makes it easy to consume red palm without too much time in the kitchen. Our favorite way to use it is with veggies or fish.