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    Are You Looking for Authentic Moringa Powder Capsules from Africa, Unprocessed, Naturally Dried, 100% Sustainable & Ethically Harvested? This Is the Brand, Juka's Organic Co. Look No Further!

    We have made our organic moringa powder into vegan capsules to help you on the days you do not feel like making smoothies or drinking moringa tea with our moringa powders. As the founder of Juka’s Organic Co., I grew up eating moringa leaves as cooked greens whenever I visited my grandparent’s village; little did I know moringa powder is a superfood that is good for the body. Moringa powder is extracted from the tropical moringa tree, namely the moringa oleifera species. Although it is now harvested in many parts of the world, it is native & indigenous to Africa.

    Many Ancient Africans used moringa leaves in their daily meals & sometimes cook this superfood as the southerners cook collard greens in the U.S. Organic Moringa is known to be a very high protein plant therefore, it is particularly use in villages that don’t have access or money to buy meat in the rural parts of Africa. Because of moringa powder’s potent nutrients, it has kept villagers that consume it nourish & healthy even with insufficient food. It is now widely used in many parts of the world because of its known health benefits

    • Super High Plant Protein including All 9 Essential Amino Acids.
    • High in Antioxidants Which Helps the Body to Fight Inflammation.
    • Imported From the Wilderness & Its Native, From Africa, Moringa Is Indigenous to Africa
    • 24% Fiber A Very Rich Source of Iron, Vitamin K & E. And A Source of Vitamin A & Calcium.
    • Ethically Harvested by Small Scale Women Farmers We Have Partnered Up with In Villages of Africa.
    • Simply The Best Moringa Powder in The Market from The Native of Africa


    Organic Moringa Powder Is Loved & Used in Africa Daily for All Its Natural Goodness

    Moringa is a versatile, fast-growing tree, native to the African region, and is widely used as food and medicine. It has many important nutrients and anti-oxidants that are usually missing from a regular balanced diet in many developing countries. The leaves of the Moringa tree are dried to make the Organic Moringa Powder, which can be stored without refrigeration for months. It has a wide range of scientifically validated benefits. Moringa powder is one of the healthiest superfoods with lots of potent nutrients. Some of the many benefits include, high in protein, vitamin B6, vitamin C, iron, vitamin B2, vitamin A, E & K, magnesium, amino acid & fiber. Just with any foods, it is most potent at its natural state with GMO free, no additives and unprocessed. Also, the question should be, is it native to the land or has it been replanted (even if it has been certified organic). At Juka’s, we take great pride in sharing Africa's natural healing foods with you.

    Learn About Some of The Health Benefits Organic Moringa Powder Offers

    Moringa Powder has lots of health benefits to the body but here a few reasons you should give it a try. Anti-Inflammatory Properties:

    Every year, millions of people suffer from illnesses that puts them at a higher risk of death. According to research, anti-inflammatory therapy or eating foods with anti inflammation properties may help us stay clear from most of these chronic illnesses. Moringa powder has been demonstrated to protect the body from inflammation if taken regularly, as it has anti-inflammatory properties, antioxidant properties and much more.


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