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Moringa Powder 16 oz.

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    Wondering where to buy moringa powder and why you should buy it this powder? We first want to thank you for visiting Juka's Organic Co., today to buy the best moringa powder in the market. Here are the benefits of our moringa: it is imported from the wilderness of Africa, and it has 24% Fiber A Very Rich Source of Iron, Vitamin K & E. And A Source of Vitamin A & Calcium. Super High Plant Protein including All 9 Essential Amino Acids. High in Antioxidants Which Helps the Body to Fight Inflammation. Juka's is 100% Pure & All Natural & Organic with Zero Additives, Naturally Dried & Sold in Glass Jars Imported from The Wilderness & Its Native, From Africa, Many Ancient Africans used moringa leaves in their daily meals & often cook  this superfood as the southerners cook collard greens in the U.S.

    Traditionally, many Africans particularly in villages often use this as a meat substitute due to the high protein levels. Because of its potent nutrients, it has kept villagers that consume it nourish & healthy even with small daily food intake. As a child, I grew up eating moringa leaves as cooked spinach whenever I visited my grandfather’s village, little did I know it was good for the body. It is now widely used in many parts of the world because of its known health benefits. Some of the many benefits include, high in protein, vitamin B6, vitamin C, iron, vitamin B2, vitamin A, E & K, magnesium, amino acid & fiber. This makes it the superfood of Africa. As we always mention, just with any foods you consume for the health benefits, it is most potent at its most natural state,  GMO free, no additives and unprocessed. Also, just because something is labeled organic, to us it doesn’t hold much water. The real question should be, is it native to the land or has it been replanted (even if it has been certified organic), in other words, is it indigenous to the land? Many moringa powders today in the market has been replanted and gown in foreign lands. The fruits, plants and foods that grow in the wild will always have more macro nutrients to offer to the body hence it is just as important to buy moringa powder that grows in the wild and imported from Africa.

    At Juka’s, as with all other products we bring to you, we take great pride in sharing African foods used growing up as natural healing foods. With trust, we bring our Moringa powder just as we use it in Africa. Pure, authentic, and unrefined, Juka’s work with small scale women farmers who ethically harvest our moringa leaves each season in the villages of west Africa. The moringa leaves are naturally dried and blended to make for a magnificent superfood. Buy Juka’s Moringa powder today, to see what sets our products apart from the rest. Juka’s Organic Moringa Powder Is Indigenous to Africa Ethically Harvested by Small Scale Women Farmers in Villages of Africa. Simply The Best Moringa Powder in The Market from The Native of Africa.


    • 24% Fiber A Very Rich Source of Iron, Vitamin K & E. And A Source of Vitamin A & Calcium.
    • Super High Plant Protein including All 9 Essential Amino Acids.
    • High in Antioxidants Which Helps the Body to Fight Inflammation.
    • 100% Pure & All Natural, Organic Moringa Powder with Zero Additives, Naturally Dried & Sold in Eco Friendly Pouches 
    • Imported From the Wilderness & Its Native, From Africa, Moringa Is Indigenous to Africa
    • Ethically Harvested by Small Scale Women Farmers We Have Partnered Up with In Villages of Africa.
    • Simply The Best Moringa Powder in The Market from The Native Of Africa


    How To Use Moringa Powder? We recommend taking moringa post-workout since it makes the body crave more water when taken. This helps you hydrate the body and cleanse your system as needed. You can add Moringa powder to your smoothie. Add moringa powder to a glass of cold or hot water. To blend it properly in water, add one spoon of moringa powder in a cup and few spoons of water then mix it until it dissolves well then you can add more water to dilute it properly. We also love adding moringa into our smoothies, for full recipes visit our moringa powder recipe page.


    Container  - Juka's Organic has changed its packaging from glass jars to eco-friendly pouches to help keep shipping costs down while still maintaining the authenticity of our products & our commitment to environmental sustainability.


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