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Red Palm Oil - 1/2 Liter

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    Try our unrefined red palm oil and instantly realize what set ours apart from the rest. Our red palm oil is authentic, unrefined, organic and 100% sustainable from Africa. Unrefined Red Palm Oil offers an excellent number of antioxidants. It has a been used by ancient civilizations as a healing food and medicine. “The main phytonutrients found in Natural Organic Red Palm Oil are tocotrienols (known as super vitamin E, it’s 40-60 times more potent than tocopherols), mixed carotenes (antioxidant and pro-vitamin A), the list goes on but in other to get the health benefits you must get the premium quality, unmixed and unrefined. Buy Juka's to start adding this wholesome oil to your daily diet today. 

    What Are the Benefits of Authentic Red Palm Oil? For countless centuries, organic palm oil has served as a cure-all for many common ailments in Africa. It is still common for the sick to be administered a cup of the oil to drink. In addition, pregnant mothers in the African villages drink red palm oil daily to boost the vitamin content of their milk naturally.

    Nutrient Power. The red color comes from the natural presence of beta-carotene and lycopene, which gives carrots and tomatoes their distinctive red and orange colors. Once digested, the body converts these to vitamin A. The equivalent amount of organic red palm oil offers 15 times the beta-carotene of a carrot. As such, one teaspoon of the red palm oil supplies a child with the daily recommended allowance of vitamin A.


    We Promote Sustainability & Stand Against Deforestation!

    ​Our Organic Red Palm Oil is 100 % sustainable, it's the simple reason why it tastes so pure and authentic. We import our extra virgin red palm oil from the continent of origin, West Africa. Juka's Organic Co. has partnered up with women from small villages of West Africa to exclusively supply their hand selected, unrefined sustainable organic red palm oil.  All the women that work with Juka's use the traditional method of natural palm oil extraction, this is the same method that has been used throughout small West African villages for centuries. The best palm oil is the sustainable type that comes from the continent of origin West Africa. Palm  trees are part of African villages and have been there for centuries, each generation of women produce their palm fruit oil as their main source of income and proudly pass it on  to  the next.

    Here At Juka's Organic Co. & All Our Partners Stand Against Deforestation. "It Is Our Duty and To Our Benefit as Africans to Protect Our Environment and To Preserve Our Primary Resources. Rainforest and wildlife Are Part of Our Heritage!" ​

    "It is to our benefit as Africans to stand against deforestation because wildlife and Rainforest is what makes Africa unique and special." By Juka Ceesay

    Size - 1/2 Liter 16 FL. OZ

    Container - Sold in Glass Jar 

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