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Liquid Multivitamin - 16 oz Bottle

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    We all need to take our daily vitamins or supplements, but do you hate taking pills that are hard to swallow? Juka's Organic Liquid Multivitamin is a delicious and easily absorbed supplement & readily bioavailable with no unpleasant after taste. These formulas are designed for maximum absorption to ensure that the body gets the daily essential elements and multivitamins it needs. Juka’s Organic Liquid Multivitamin helps BOOST IMMUNE SYSTEM, with the presence essential supplements, Natural Zinc & Vitamin C levels in Baobab Fruit & Natural Aloe Vera.  Juka’s Liquid Multivitamin is the best supplement on the market, with potent Biotin & Vitamin E & A levels, it will help STRENGTHEN HAIR, SKIN & NAILS. It is SUGER FREE with all-natural Noni Juice and other essential nutrients. Juka’s Liquid Multivitamin contains one of Africa's Superfood, Baobab Powder which delivers natural Vitamin C to naturally makes the IMMUNE SYSTEM stronger.  Continued consumption of our vitamins will help REBUILD CELLS with a complete Branched-Chain Amino Acid Complex, and boost mood with Chromium, Folate, Zinc and VITAMINS B6, B12, D3. By taking a daily dose of ESSENTIAL MINERALS (BOTH MACRO & TRACED) and AMINO ACID to fuel the body, it will help BOOSTE ENERGY level. At Juka's Organic Co., we care about your health and the environment.  Our Liquid Multivitamin is offered in a GLASS BOTTLES to avoid the leaching of plastic in your liquid vitamin and preserve the goodness in each bottle.


    • ENERGY BOOSTING - A full daily essential Liquid Multivitamin that is 100% Gluten Free, All Vegan with daily dose of Amino Acids, including Zinc, Macro Minerals and Traced Minerals | Vitamin C, Vitamin D to Vitamin E


    • BOOST IMMUNE SYSTEM – Boost Immune System| Zinc | Baobab Fruit Powder from Africa, High in Natural Vitamin C|. With the Goodness of Baobab Powder Superfood from Africa, with natural vitamin C, and essential supplements, our Liquid Multivitamin will boost your immunity and help the body to readily protect itself.

    • HAIR | SKIN | NAILS -| Zinc | Biotin | Baobab | Vitamin A-E | Daily Liquid Multivitamin | Multivitamin to support energy, hair, nails, and skin. Vitamin C to help with collagen to tighten skin. Celiac Friendly, Paleo Friendly, Keto Friendly & Bariatric Friendly. Non-GMO, Dairy Free, Wheat Free, Nut Free, Soy Free, NO Nightshades with Vitamin B12 as the preferred Methyl cobalamin.

    • SUPPORTS GOOD DIGESTIVE SYSTEM- With the superfood from Africa, Baobab Powder, 100% Noni Juice, with Zero Added Sugar, Natural Aloe Vera, Vitamins B, C, & D Supplements, helps the digestive system. Baobab powder is 50% fiber, which is used a natural Colon cleanse in Africa, and is added to this supplement.

    • EASY ABSORPTION Liquid Vitamins -NO MORE HARD TO SWALLOW PILLS - Made with ORGANIC INGREDIENTS. Essential Daily Vitamins, Minerals, Antioxidants, Major or Macro Minerals & Trace Minerals, Amino Acids, & 100% daily needed dosage of VEGAN Vitamin D3. Zero Sugar!

    • DELICIOUS TASTE- No More Morning Unpleasant After Taste. Take 1 oz a day of delicious Multivitamin with Vanilla Bean flavor & Baobab Powder Superfood. It's all you need for your daily vitamin dose.

    Adults - take 2 table spoons a day

    Children- 1 tea spoon 



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