Why Sugar free Liquid Vitamins are better than their Other Forms

Liquid Multivitamin - 16 oz Bottle

Dietary supplements can come in many forms including liquid, tablets, capsules, powders, chewable, etc. Unlike medications, they are not meant to treat diseases, rather they supply the daily requirement of vitamins and minerals that the body needs. The liquid vitamin provided by Juka’s Organic is packed with vitamins C, B6, B12, D3, essential amino acids, chromium, zinc, folate, iron, magnesium, and other important minerals. It can help boost your energy and immune system, is good for skin, hair, and digestive system, and tastes delicious.

Taking vitamin pills can be a convenient choice, but it is not as effective as the liquid form. Nutrients present in liquid vitamins are digested faster than in other consumption methods. Here are a few more reasons why you should choose liquid vitamin over its other forms:

  • Safer Consumption:

While tablets and pills have a larger shelf life, they can be a choking hazard if they get stuck in the throat and block airways. This makes them difficult especially for children or those with jaw pain or problems with swallowing. Sugar free liquid vitamins, compared to their other forms, are not as much of a treat when it comes to choking. It is a great option for parents to give their kids the adequate nutrients they need on a daily basis without worrying about choking.

  • More Effective:

While pills and capsules may have the same vitamins, the form of consumption also affects how your body processes the nutrients. Studies have shown that liquid vitamins tend to have higher peak concentrations and take a shorter time to reach their peak concentration. A higher concentration means higher bioavailability, which means it gets absorbed by the body more effectively.  Choosing the liquid form means more optimized effects and benefits for the body.

  • Faster Absorption:

The sugar-free liquid vitamin provided by Juka’s Organic has a much higher absorption rate than other forms, including pills and capsules. This is mainly due to the way they are broken down by the body. Pills are protected by a casing or outer shell, which needs to be broken down fully for the nutrients to get absorbed by the body. This extra breakdown process takes an unnecessary amount of time and requires more effort from the body. However, due to the absence of any outer shell, liquid vitamins flow into the body much faster and get digested quickly. If you want your vitamin supplement to work quickly, then the liquid form is the best option.

Juka’s Organic is proud to bring you the best form of vitamin supplement that is filled with the daily nutrition the body needs. We also make sure that our liquid vitamin is sold in glass bottles so that the goodness is preserved. If you want to buy the best quality sugar free liquid vitamin, click here: https://jukasorganic.com/products/buy-liquid-multivitamin

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