Role of Juka’s Organic in Manufacturing West African Red Palm Oil

West African Red Palm Oil

Flavourful, with a rich red hue, the red palm oil is the lifeline of West Africans. With its buttery texture and subtle earthy sweetness, it’s a culinary hero and the most crucial ingredient in most West African meals. It’s one of the most efficient and versatile crops. A vital part of local West African culture, livelihood, and cuisine, this red palm oil has been planted, harvested, and produced primarily by local village women.

Historical facts about red palm oil

It is believed that humans started using west african red palm oil as early as 5000 years ago. In the late 1800s, archaeologists found a substance in a tomb at Abydos that they concluded was palm oil, which dates back to 3000 BC. Hence, it’s thought that Arab traders might’ve brought the oil to Egypt. As the discovered quantity was quite large, it’s believed the oil was likely used for dietary purposes.

Role of West Africa Women in Making Organic Palm Oil

Palm oil is a key ingredient in West African cuisine. This pure palm oil is derived from the palm fruits fleshy outer part. Be it in history or in current times, the red palm oil is prepared mainly by women. After harvesting the rich red fruits, these village women indulge themselves in a time-consuming and extremely hard-working process that involves repeated boiling and filtering the fresh fruits with water.

Role of Juka’s Organic in Manufacturing Pure Red Palm Oil

At Juka’s Organic, we prepare authentic, sustainable, and premium quality organic palm oil. We ensure to bring the west african red palm oil in its purest form using a natural formula. That’s why we’re partnered with local farmers who use the oldest methods to extract natural, unrefined, organic red palm oil.

Experience the difference in Juka’s Organic

As discussed above, our red palm oil is not only 100% organic and sustainable; it tastes pure and authentic. Juka’s Organic has partnered with West African village women who harvest red palm fruits every three months to get their hand-picked, unrefined, pure organic red palm oil. As we prioritize authenticity, we’ve partnered up with the local women who proudly produce palm fruit oil and have been passing down this traditional oil-making procedure from generation to generation, which has been their main income source. These Africans stand against deforestation, as the wildlife and the rainforest are the wealth that makes Africa unique.

Why Juka’s Organic:

  • Our red palm oil is unrefined and without any additives or preservatives.
  • We try to contribute to saving the rainforest and wildlife in Africa.
  • Our red palm oil is rich in natural carotenoids (Vitamin A), tocopherols, or natural vitamin E, and contains tocotrienols.
  • To make sure you get our products in pure form, we use glass bottles to avoid plastic leaching.

Extra virgin red palm oil has also been used as a healing medicine. In Africa, most of the locals use it as a natural moisturizer that can heal skin rashes and boils. It is also good for hair and nails. As it has these many benefits, we have also started producing soaps and creams with palm oilas base ingredient.

Final Thoughts,

Get some time to read our customers feedback, and you’ll see what makes us different. Not only the west african red palm oil, but most of our edible products are pure to give you better health and nourish your overall wellbeing. Read customer feedbacks and reviews to learn what product would be best for you. We are looking forward to serving you. Experience the difference with Juka’s Organic.

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