Organic Shea Butter – Your Savior for Dry Cracked Heels in winters


Juka’s Organic’s incredible natural element possessing outstanding moisturizing and healing properties is african shea butter. The Skin Super food obtained from the nut of African tree Vitellaria paradoxa, obviously rich in Vitamins A & E.

With cold and snowy weather, we identify the winter is here. As with a lot of people, the skin on my heels cracked, and the cold temperature provoked the difficulty even more. For those of you with arid skin like myself, here are some tips for your winter dry skin woes:

  • Soak the cracked heels in lukewarm water, mix with the edible salt to soften the skin, and aid in perking up the circulation.
  • Remove any lifeless skin around the pretentious area.
  • Place a blob of raw Shea butter straight onto the affected area and rub down until it is well engrossed into the skin.
  • Wear a couple of clean cotton socks and sleep with them while sleeping.

Results will differ from person to person, but in one day, I realized the 100% raw Shea Butter could be a good quality moisturizer for the dry, cracked area!

Nobody needs to have a dry and flaky facial appearance that feels tight or itchy. It annoys you even extra if your foot skin is dried out and splintered. These also lead to foot infections, pain, and walking distress.

Most people suffers a lot due to dry and split heels, lowering their self-confidence and self-worth. It’s time to improve your foot care custom and use useful ingredients to take good quality care of your cracked heels.

Why Shea Butter Good For Cracked Feet!

An Outstanding Emollient

Organic Shea butter is wealthy in fats that create outstanding emollient and moisturizing skin mediator. It moisturizes and gives release to your dry skin. The oils in Shea butter get speedily absorbed into your foot skin, creating an even and soft barricade that seals in the moisture.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Research has established that Shea butter has anti-inflammatory properties; it reduces the ruddiness of dry, cracked feet. Shea butter also calms skin complaints, relieving walking embarrassment, which makes it smoothly functional for foot skin. You can buy shea butter online today to try how life changing it will be for your skin. 

Anti-Oxidant Rich

Shea butter is rich in essential fatty acids, along with vitamins A and E, which are primarily known for maintaining your skin’s elasticity and suppleness. It has the additional benefit of protecting the sun’s harmful (UVA, UV B, IR) radiations.

Healing Advantages

Shea butter is recognized for extravagance scrapes, cuts and burns, and rashes. It heals cracks of your feet and makes them well. It also helps to ease flakiness of the skin, eczema, dermatitis, and Athlete’s foot.

Skin Smoothening Properties

Shea butter helps to encourage the skin’s natural collagen making, as it contains oleic, linolenic, stearic, and palmitic acids that nourish your skin and put off drying. With ongoing use, it has been reported to encompass skin softening and comforting properties.

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