How To Choose An Organic Palm Oil That Supports Good Health And Sustainability?

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While seeking healthier cooking oil alternatives that would be healthy and less fatty, people are turning to red palm oil as it’s filled with nutrients and has several potential health benefits. But what if you get an organic oil that supports more than just health benefits? Yes, you read it right. Some brands of organic red palm oil are striving to have a positive impact on local West African communities while also supporting a healthier environment. In this blog, we have covered why such organic oil would be a smart choice to promote the good health of you and your family. Besides that, this blog has also covered how to ensure that you make the best decision for the people in your surroundings and environment.

What is the hype about red palm oil?

The natural fruit of a palm tree, also known as Elaeisguineenses, is used to make organic red palm oil, which is known for its richness in natural antioxidants such as vitamin E and beta-carotene. These have gained popularity for their support in eye health, heart health, and overall well-being.

How Do You Differentiate Between Organic and Refined Palm Oil?

In recognizing palm oil, it’s important to know that there are two types of palm oils: organic and refined. While natural organic red palm oil contains tocotrienols, which are known as super vitamin E and are 60% more potent than tocopherols, and is filled with antioxidants and vitamin-A phytosterols, refined palm oil has less to no presence of such natural nutrients because of extensive processing methods such as bleaching and deodorizing. There’s another form of fake organic palm oil that is yellow due to the blend of other oils, which is not only harmful to health but can also lead to major diseases in the long run. Hence, it’s essential to buy organic red palm oil.

What makes Organic Red Palm Oil Different?

  • Promotes Nutritional Goodness

Whenever you look for good cooking oil, go for organic red palm oil, as it is rich in antioxidants and contains a good amount of beneficial fatty acids and vitamins. A good organic red palm has all the beneficial properties that are found missing while refining and adulterating other palm oils.

  • Supports Local Communities

You might find several names on the market in the pursuit of pure organic red palm oil. However, there are very few manufacturers that stick to sustainable and ethical farming practices and also take care of local communities. Such as Juka’s Organic, it’s a leading producer of organic red palm oil. It supports small-scale local farmers in West Africa by sourcing each batch of palm oil from village women in West Africa. By partnering with the local village women, Juka’s Organic not only helps them to be self-reliant but also supports their development. The company also stands against deforestation.

  • Works for Environmental Benefits

Ethical organic farming practices strive to preserve biodiversity. It focuses on reducing the use of chemicals and making efforts to keep the soil healthy. So, if you buy organic red palm oil, you’re not only working towards better health for yourself and your family but also supporting eco-friendly farming practices that help protect ecosystems and eliminate the negative impacts of ordinary farming.

Why Juka’s Organic Red Palm Oil?

Juka’s Organic source palm oil comes from local communities that follow authentic and sustainable farming practices by using age-old techniques to extract organic red palm oil. At Juka’s Organic, you’ll be getting 100% pure, unrefined red palm oil without any additives. To support the environment, Juka’s contributes against deforestation and wildlife. Juka’s Organic doesn’t blend any poor-quality oils to maximize its profit. Juka’s Organic products come in glass packaging to ensure you get the best product without the worry of plastic leaching.

To conclude,

Red palm oil is part of African culture. Red palm oil serves not only as cooking oil but also as a healing medicine in African culture. Rural African women use organic oil as a skin moisturizer to heal any skin problems. It’s also beneficial for hair, and most African women use it in their daily routine as an all-in-one therapy. If you want to buy organic red palm oil from Juka’s Organic Co., you can find it at Wal-Mart or directly purchase it from Juka’s Organic's official website: Red Palm Oil – Juka's Organic Co. (

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