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Read Our Baobab Powder Recipe For Boosting Your Immune System At But First 
Did you know that Baobab Fruit Powder has lots of Vitamin C (6 times more than oranges)? The coronovirus is quite scary but we can only do things that are in our control. Wash your hands and sanitize as much as you can. But then the next best thing is to work on your immune system. Add Baobab fruit powder to your diet to boost your immune system. Baobab powder is filled with all the vitamin C you need to prevent yourself from getting sick easily from regular flu . And it has many more potent nutrients that your body needs to keep you healthy.
If you just want to enjoy it in your daily diet, you can add it to almond or regular milk with some honey, with some fruits and oat. as on the photo. You can also add Baobab to your water and just drink it and add fresh lime with some honey or you can add it to your smoothies. Baobab makes every smoothie recipe taste great and also more smooth since the powder has a very floury consistency. Want to know more about this miracle fruit powder from Africa? To buy a jar of baobab powder, visit us at or click on bio. 
Recipe that we swear by for the cold /flu or boosting the immune system: 
5 big slices of ginger 
4 limes 
5 cups of water 
3 tea spoons of baobab (add this to every cup) 
3 tea spoons of honey (add this to every cup) *
Boil ginger with fresh lime along with the lime skin with the water in a pot. Once this is boiled for 5-10 minutes, turn heat off allow to cool down a bit. Add 3 tea spoons of baobab in a cup with 3 tea spoons of honey add little water and mix together. Add the lime and ginger water from the pot.This gets super bitter so adding more honey is a great idea if you can’t handle the bitterness

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